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Awww I totally symphathize with you! My little one fell off the bed and tried crawling under and hit his head on the bed frame. I don't really have any solutions for you. After he fell off, we tried experimenting with side-caring the crib, having the mattress off the frame so it wasn't so far to the ground, and in the end we have our mattress shoved up against the wall, and the crib in our room. Babe starts off the night in his crib, if I need to nurse during the night...
When my little one was that young I had issues with oversupply and getting the foremilk/highmilk balanced out. He was cranky and fussy all the time, only ever happy if I was holding him or feeding him. Have you thought about a ring sling? They're great if little one wants to be with you and you can still do things around the house. Good luck!
We had almost no windows that opened/had screens in our house. My daughters room window opened but no screen. There was also no control to how far it opened which made me really nervous. Her bedroom faced the sun ALL DAY so I put tin foil on it to block out the heat. Really worked...also found out it made the room really dark so she still napped and slept at night!
I haven't read all the other feedback, but your situation is exactly like mine, except my little guy is a few montsh younger. I had a few frustrating nights last week and so out of frustration I put him in his crib and left the room to cool off. I wasn't angry with him, just said I love you, kissed his head, and then left. He had his soother etc.....and then he went to sleep. It's not always this easy....some nights he'll fuss, and other nights we end up nursing to...
I read an article about fructose and how horrible it is. Since we've cut out fructose I have felt less groggy, more energized and I don't crave sugar anymore. If I am confronted with sugar I have a much easier time saying no! I have been drinking more water and doing light exercise. I put on a smaller pair of jeans today!
I lost a lot of my curls, and my hair is darker now too.
Quote: Originally Posted by hakeber From what I understand the more you make a big deal out of it, the worse it is likely to become. Sometimes I've just tried to help give him a nudge by providing the next word for him, or finishing the word he wants to say, and then he seems to move on no problem. I had quite a severe stutter when I was little. I stopped saying certain things and sometimes didn't say anything at all because I was afraid to...
You can get credit cards that are kind of like a gift card....you put money on them and then spend it rather than getting the credit. I know that wasn't your question but maybe it can help anyway
I have seen ring slings made out of mesh...I want to do one myself but have not yet tried. I am sure someone online sells them...can't remember who though. Maybe try googling 'mesh ringsling'. Good luck!
Just keep trying....when my babe was little he didn't like nursing lying down either...just kept trying and eventually he got it. I'm not sure if it was just figuring it out, or the spray (I had oversupply) but whatever was buggin him isn't anymore
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