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I was between 5 weeks 4 days and 6 weeks even.
I am right there with you mama. I had my 2nd HCG quant this morning at 11. My frist was REALLY high- 25,000 but there wasn't a fetal pole so it isn't a great sign. SIgh. I am just waiting to hear, either it went up an dthere is hope, or down and I'm out. Keep us posted
I was told not to exercise or have sex right now. I am a little bummed but it is also a great excuse to be lazy and wear granny panties.....
I would die without my morning cup. It is my superhero. I switched half-caf and only do 1 (large) mug :)
I actually went to my OB today because I had some bleeding (pink and a little red) plus I've been having cramping. I have been so freaked out, they only saw a yolk sak today but said that it could be normal as I am pretty early. I am so nervous.
I am so all about a belly thread!
I am starving constantly so I am sure I have gained a couple. I never gain til 20+ weeks so this should be interesting
Good questions as I just put on my maternity leggings because I also have the pregnancy bloat
I've got it too. It is driving me crazy!
I am attempting to wean my almost 3 year old. We are down to bed time but he is devastated about it. I have no desire to nurse him and the baby as by then he will be 3 1/2 but I feel bad taking away his favorite thing.
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