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You should go get a job..............then a divorce.  He isn't going to change.     You cannot magically make it easier on another care provider.  They have to work out the relationship between them.  If it is a babysitter you can set the rules but you must remember your child will have a different relationship and will react differently to that care providers.  What may work for you won't work for them.  There maybe a few tears but the caretaker will be able to work...
A pack and play is how I kept child number 2 from waking child number 3 from a nap.  I did not have a crib.  They keep dogs and cats away from a sleeping baby (if trained).  With my first child it was an awesome laundry basket.     I think it is pretty judgemental to say it is a way for parents not to devote full attention.  Real life means you ocassionally need to put your baby down.  You will need a safe place for them.  Yes, it would be nice to have another person's...
I agree with the heartburn/reflux issues.  Also have you had his hearing tested?  My dd preferred to nurse on one side because of hearing loss. She wanted the better hearing ear out.  
I think you are expecting to much of kids work.  Perfection comes over time in steps.  Trying to reach to high standards only discourage.  You build on one skill at a time and it takes years to improve. 
Read the fine lines of what those rates include.  Typically they do not include coverages.     How long are you going to be at home?    Check outside the airport, but you would need a major credit card verses a debit card.  Some people are not aware that even though their debit card with Visa/Matercard logo is NOT a credit card.  It is just a debit card.   Coverage are "insurances", are perday charges and expensive.  There are pros and cons to buying them....
AR= added rice. It is safer than adding rice cereal to a bottle. I have a friend that is an Ensure (Ross Lab) representive. The rice is broken down plus they make up for nutriunts lost buy adding rice to the formula. I know breast milk is best. But right know she needs to look into why this child is having problem not only play the formula game.
plain expectrant should not make you sleepy. LOL Then again ~~~~~~ Every one is different.
Does anyone have a clue at why you are hacking?? Try taking an expectrant during the day. Robotussin makes an expectrant only. It will help you get the crap out. But don't take it close to bed time, it will make you cough more. Then if you are desperate try an cough surpressent, only at night.
Don't know what to tell you, but here is a (((((((((((((hug))))))))) from me to you. I know this must be scary..
My mom did not nurse my sister (1969), she was a unwed teen mom also. My brother 1971 she tried to nurse. Did not work she had retain placenta and my brother was so tounge tied he could not lift his tounge off the floor of his mouth!!!!! By the time everything was figured out she did not have much milk if any at all. Me 1973. Two weeks maybe. Nursing take to much time. She also would of had to be more invovled. It has been almost 29 yrs and she still is self...
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