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Quote: Originally Posted by ellairiesmom my bf uses hers everyday & is a neat freak (actually is a Prof Organizer) & just wipes it down every night with a washrag. we both have run ours under the faucet in the sink & scrubbed it down too. it dried pretty quick. Thanks! I guess we'll keep it and try it out!
We have the Phil & Ted Me too but I was thinking of returning it...I'm worried it'll be too hard to clean for everyday use. Any thoughts on that?
I have a PPB and it's just too heavy! I end up grabbing a lightweight cloth shoulder bag cause the PPB bag is heavy before I even put anything in it. And given I'm also wearing the baby, it's too much for me. I need to find a more lightweight bag.
I would do B since I follow the mainstream (ACIP) vaccine schedule (Pediarix or Pentacel which are combined vax containing 3 + 2 other vaccines, so 3 injections, 5 vaccines). The other 2, I wouldn't do. I would feed unsweetened applesauce, and I suppose I could go to a bonfire if I could stay far enough from the smoke...but probably not.
Well I am no help...my almost 7 month old has never napped alone. He's either attached to my boob, in a lap or carrier, or just cuddled against me. So we have yet to have any alone time!! Yup, a bit of a problem...
Around that age (well more like 10 wks I think), my son was really not interested in being froggied in a carrier. So I'd try legs out with the Moby. He also likes to have his arms out. Have you tried different carrier positions?
emiree and dancingflower, that's very encouraging, thanks! emiree--Alright, so I'll try the Pantley Pull-off method. I guess I should start now, so he's less dependent on that for his sleep by the time I go back in 1 1/2 wks. I'm impressed that it worked so quickly for you! dancingflower--He did sleep an hour yesterday in a wrap, so you're right about the wearing. I have a MT for my husband--I'm sure he'll use it a lot. And it's definitely his turn to put some time in...
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay Moving to Family Bed since the "nursing to sleep"/"co-sleep or no-sleep" dilemma is a frequent topic there! Oh ok, thanks! Now I know where I should be hanging out!
My baby's natural bedtime gradually moved up over time from 10-11 to 7ish over the last 6 months. I didn't try to push an earlier bedtime. Just follow your baby's cues, it will most likely get earlier with time. And it is true for mine, the more he sleeps, the more he sleeps...but that isn't really referring to his bedtime, more just overall hours, nap and night-time sleep, like pp said.
Tzs--I've tried and he's woken up and looked at me like I have 2 heads then started crying. But maybe if I get him more used to the paci then try? Do you mean you put yours to bed with milk in the bottle? What if you try water (so no damage to teeth)? Flavorful1--thanks
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