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I would choose the birth center but I live in csection central so I'm really concerned about hospital births. 
When my little one was tiny I was just bitchy and instructed people to wash when they came into the house and specified to use the soap next to the sink and sing the happy birthday song.  My husbands grandma doesn't understand but she complies. I can't blame her. Germ theory didn't exist until she was long out of school!   If you really are grossed out by this girl do a family only visiting policy and tell your brother specifically NO
You've got it covered with media so my only advice is not exactly in relation to your question: Start on finding your midwife that you feel good about. You can have lots of knowledge but the people part can be difficult.
The only thing that works well for us is for Daddy to go into tickle monster mode, then I get a fully open mouth with easy access to all those teeth. She loves to be tickled so everyone is happy. Other nights it is forced brushing. About twice a week I get cooperation. We used to use reasonable logic with her, showing her daddy's bad ouchie tooth and teaching her why taking care of teeth is so important. That worked for a while, but now she doesn't care.
I have a problem during pregnancy where I feel like I am not getting enough air and I get dizzy and fall over... When the plane landed it all of a sudden got very hot and stuffy and I freaked out. The flight attendants brought me oxygen which was horribly stinky and gross and I started to retch. Yeah fun times. I was hoping they would just escort me off the plane into some fresh air. My advice is to sit in the aisle near the front if you think this might be an issue for you.
I took fish oil during my last pregnancy and was 10 days early
I used hibicleanse before my test because I am very against unnecessary antibiotics and the thought of having an IV in my arm during labor is not acceptable to me. The hospital that does water birth near me has very specific rules about who they let in the tub. You don't qualify and you end up in a regular room with all the stuff you didn't want. So it worked (whether I had strep b or not) and I passed my test. It is only a test cheat. Does not rid your body of the germ.
I had both the feelings you described after the birth of my first baby. The weird feeling like something is rubbing me the wrong way and the air getting trapped. The air thing went away after about four months. The imaginary tampon string persisted for two years . I also had painful sex for about a year +. I have a torn inner labia. I had some pretty odd tearing during birth and even though I was stitched up in a healthy way, it was not cosmetically perfect. I can't...
I don't know the answer to your question exactly, but perhaps you could use your regular doctor for this ( general practitioner) so there would be some sort of referral and just make sure you get the results for your midwife.
I didn't move, but I did change providers at 7 months pregnant, from OB to midwife. The OB's office gave me a hard time about getting my records, but it was no problem at all getting set up with my midwife.   You may want to check state laws about matrnity care too just so you don't have any surprises.  
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