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We have it narrowed down to Maya for the first name, but are torn on the middle. I LOOOOOVE Skye for the middle name, but does it sound right?? So our choices are Maya Skye Flores or Maya Lily Flores or neither?
My supply is SO SO low, but my 16 mo old still loves to nurse at night and before nap/bed. I don't know if she's getting much of anything, but she still enjoys it. As painful as it is for me, I don't want to wean because of this. However, I am also very nervous about the whole mil process when the baby comes. I have read everything I can find, so why do I find it so hard to believe my milk will come in the way it always has. There is a big part of me that wants to wean...
Title says it all I am reluctant in using cloth on a newborn, as it seems soooo bulky. Kissaluvs size 0 get nice reviews, and the one I have here is pretty thick. Can you get away without using a cover around the house? What about when they are sleeping, or when I am wearing her? How fast does it leak? TIA!!
Well we really are in the same situation huh Tiffany! I have a 2005 Sedona too, and feel the same way. They have horrible resale value, so trading it in is never gonna happen. Rides ok though, but such a wierd layout for a mini. My first thought also was to put the 3 older babies in the back, with DD #3 rear facing in the middle. The older girls could keep her company. I just feel bad having her face backwards so far back, but maybe we could set up a mirror and try it...
We have a Kia Sedona, and no option for trading it in, so I have to figure out what I am doing. Right now, I have my 4 and 5 yr olds FF in a Britax and a Radian seat in the 3rd row. We have one of the second row captain chairs out of the van for extra cargo space and I LOOOOOVE it like that. My 16 mo old is rear facing in the second row behind the driver. We figured we would just put new baby girl in 2nd row(after we put back the seat!), rear facing also, but realized you...
Congrats on your baby boy! I found out also at a 12 week scan that I have this "uterine notching" like my tech called it(high resistance blood flow to uterine arteries). I also have to have frequent scans, and take a low dose baby aspirin each day. I was told the same risks. I freaked out a bit at first, but the doc said it can be common.
I am so very sorry for your loss
I am so stuck. Any opinions?? Isabella Skye Skye Isabella Sara Skye FWIW, I would LOVE to call her just Skye, but dh is having reservations.
I wish I knew, but I had to pop in and say, I had that pain you are describing with every pregnancy, starting around my 18th week. I am only 16 weeks now, so I don't have it yet, but I have had it 3 times! Lasts a couple months. A weird, burning kinda bruised feeling, that for me felt worse when laying down.
Thanks for the replies and all the cute ideas!!!! Juniper, your dd is ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for the photos....gives me lots of ideas. Now, I better learn how to sew, or get a second job.
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