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Quote: Originally Posted by Tenk Boy Tenk, if you are right I am coming through this computer and kissing you!! No kdding Thanks for making me smile
yup, I was going to add it's probably here hanging out with mine. My morning sickness has gotten way better, as did my hunger!
Well of course you can Tenk!!! Yes, I think my face has gotten a bit rounder, and I seem to be gaining a little everywhere, although I haven't really gained much yet?? HB was 175 at 9 weeks, but was 154 today at 10 weeks 4 days.
Not Broken...that is the BEST news I have read yet!! Thank you. I will pray that my outcome is like yours. In my heart, I know this nugget is ok, but this is too scary. And you are right, Google is never a good idea!! thanks mamas
Please someone tell me you know of someone, or have been through this yourself?/ Google is killing me! There's not much on it, and what I do find is not that great. My doc called a few hours ago, saying they found a small cyst on the umbilical cord at my 9 week scan. She didn't sound that worried, but wants me to see a high risk specialist in a couple weeks. I am freaking out. Any words of wisdom to stop my stress even a little???!!
Thanks ladies. The more and more I read, the more I am upsetting myself. The fluid I read can most likely just reabsorb. I know that's fairly common, just many don't know about it, since not everyone has early sonograms. The cyst is what is freaking me out. Alot. There are increased risks of chromosonal defects with this. I have a NT scan in 2 weeks, but my gosh how can I sleep before then?
My doc just called a bit ago, and told me that during my sonogram 2 weeks ago, the tech found a small cyst on the umbilical cord. Also, they found a subchorionic hemorage right around my old incision(this will be my 4th section). She was concerned about the fluid being near my incision and putting pressure on it, and definitly does not want me to go to term....36-37 weeks. She wants me to see a high risk specialist in a couple of weeks and follow up with another sonogram...
Hi everyone! I am DDC crashing from May, as I know many of you mamas have found out the gender of your babies I was wondering from all of you that took the store bought Intelligender test, was it correct for you??? I took it with my last daughter and it was right, so I am hoping it is correct this time too! So far, I have taken it twice, and both times was a clear BOY answer!!! Being a mama of 3 girls, we are really hoping for a little blue Thanks!!
That makes me feel tons better....thanks ladies! It kind of came and went today, no where near what it was. SO maybe this is it? Maybe the road looks a little clearer
After much debate, we are going to be smart and just wait. I have an appt somewhere else at 15 weeks anyway, so will just stick with that, as much as it kills me to wait! I would just hate to be told one thing and have it turn out wrong. no matter what the result. thanks mamas!!
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