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I apologize for not responding...I didn't get an update message. You may want to contact Covenant Ranch Trucking, they are responsible for putting together the delivery routes in our area. http://covenantranchonline.com/
Our insurance was just changed to GHC in Madison. I'm so disappointed about this because we had been with the "Garden" doctors at UW Health--I was finally becoming comfortable with them. Does anyone have experience with the GHC chiropractors? Any info on primary providers would be great, too.
Did you get your mattress? Do you like it? Which one did you order/what layers did you choose? I'm researching this now as I'm wanting to replace our Tempurpedic with a non-toxic one.    Thanks!
I just wanted to advertise that there is now an Azure Standard drop located in Middleton. (I believe there is also one in Windsor). If anyone is interested in learning more just let me know.   Thanks!
I've also heard that it is in the Cities...I'd like to find some in the Madison, WI area.
This site has a few that don't use borax. I have only tried the recipes with Borax, so I'm not sure how well the others work. http://tipnut.com/10-homemade-laundr...rgent-recipes/
We replaced our pitcher filter with a Crystal Quest filter. Although we bought it on eBay, it is from www.qualitywaterfilters4you.com. After researching filters, this seemed to be an excellent filter for a decent price. It doesn't have a tank like the RO undersink models, so it doesn't take up a lot of space either. We have pretty yucky municipal water (tons of chlorine/fluoride, etc.) and this makes the water taste like nothing--perfect.
I need four twin mattresses for my children's bunk beds. I was planning on going to IKEA, but have read varying info on their chemical toxicity so I'm second guessing that choice. I was then considering a futon mattress with non-urethane fibre-foam and cotton with boric acid for the fire retardant...but again, I am hearing mixed information on the use of boric acid in mattresses. I also found this "natural' memory foam mattress, but don't know anything about how toxic it...
I've used Hylands without crushing them when my baby was teething at 3 months...they dissolve very quickly under her tongue. There is another brand of teething tablets that are a bit harder that she has been able to take under her tongue since about 6 months. They really do dissolve/get paste-like quite quickly.
Well, I worried for nothing...thank you everyone for the supportive words. My little girl, Anna Leigh was born on Friday the 13th. We arrived at the hospital around 8:40 am and she was born at 9:18 am. My mom held her head as she came because the nurses didn't realize I was pushing her out. (My mom was elated!) The midwife arrived in L&D and heard her cry--and then realized she missed her birth, the first she's missed in her career. Anna was 9 lb. 11oz. and 21.5...
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