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Ack! A double whammy! No fair.
I will try the calcium! Today I spilled 3oz!!! My son (3yo) was helping me and I let him put the lid on the bottle. I didn't check the lid, just stuck it in the cooler bag I keep upstairs for pumping in the night and first thing in the morning. Stuck it in sideways (which I have NEVER done before). Well, it was one of those 2-piece lids that come with the pump kit. My dear sweet boy had the lid insert on the outside of the ring. I almost cried. That's my biggest pump of...
Wow that is amazing! Your LO is so lucky to have you for a mama. My supply seems to have leveled out. Just supplementing about 3-6oz formula at night. Working with an OT on the oral motor stuff still. It's such a slog. One step forward, two steps back. For me as much as her too. One minute, I'm filled with hope and ready to take on the world. Next feed, I just want to throw in the towel. The smell of formula is honestly what keeps me going. I think it reeks!
Someone on one of these threads mentioned that babies transition somewhere around 3-4 months (I think) from instinctive nursing to more skilled where they are actually more aware of what they're doing and can fix issues more easily. Does anyone know any more about this process or can someone direct me to some resources? Or maybe I totally misunderstood, in which case, can someone straighten me out? My daughter is going on 3 months old with no latch, very weak sucking...
Thanks for the pep talk! I'm having a better time of it the last few days. I got my period, which is so early and crappy. Only 10 weeks post partum! With my son, I had 9 months of period-free bliss. The up side is that it seems to have made my supply go up! I've been pumping longer, but not more frequently, been eating some lactation muffins (basically banana oatmeal muffins with some nutritional yeast added in), drinking mothers milk tea sporadically. But I think the...
My mom told me yesterday that no one would blame me if I gave up on pumping. I don't know how I'm going to get much milk when she leaves and I have 2 kids to take care of alone, but I also don't think giving up would help me feel better. It would be one less thing to do, but it would hurt me to give up. I can't imagine doing this 6 or 8 or 10 more months... I just don't know.
My 33 weeker (3lb10oz) will be 3 in February. He's 27lb. Not sure how tall. He just got onto the weight charts at his 2.5yr appointment.
Hello! I'm so glad I found this thread. my daughter was born on Halloween and I've been exclusively pumping since then. she had a rough start and had a brain injury due to her cord being clamped off during birth. she is not able to nurse due to oral motor difficulties but we're trying to work on it with an occupational therapist. She has a G-tube. So On top of exclusive pumping we are dealing with feeding bags and all that stuff. I'm so glad to read all your experiences....
She's home! She's on oxygen and a monitor. She has a tendency for apnea due to her weakened airway muscles, but hopefully she will outgrow that fast. Will be working with pt, OT, and speech therapy. Still hoping to get that suck working. It's there, but still a bit weak and uncoordinated. Thanks again for all your support. It's been a loooong 8 weeks. It's a huge relief to be home. But there's a whole new set of things to get used to here!
Here are some photos of my cutie. [IMG]
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