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Thanks Pam! I think I've been making the tea a little stronger than that...maybe 2Tbsp for 8 oz of water, two or three times a day. It's some pretty strong tasting stuff though, so I'd be happy to scale back a bit :LOL
Both of my previous births were in the hospital, and both times I needed a shower to get the vomit out of my hair I had to laugh about the midwife cleaning while you enjoy a shower....at my house if you turn the water on when someone is in the shower you freeze them half to death!
Hello all, just wanted to post an update. I had some GD questions and doubts a couple weeks ago, and stated that most of the time when I have problems with my 5 and 7 year old, it's when I want them to do something, like clean up their toys, art stuff, put away their clothes etc. Someone posted a link to this site: http://sandradodd.com/chores about 'unchoring' (like unschooling). Wow. Problem solved, lol. I stopped asking/telling my kids to keep up the house to my...
My mw suggested I use Dr. Christopher's prenatal tea for the last five weeks of pregnancy. One of her other clients shared some with me, but there is no dosage listed on the bag....this is the dried herb tea, not capsules or pills. Does anyone have experience with the whole herb tea? Do you know how much I'm supposed to drink? I think I'm at 37 weeks or so. Thanks, Brandy
I posted this yesterday but it dissapeared. It's definately bergenia! Thank you so much Brandy
My husband was born breech (bottom first) vaginally and unmedicated. My MIL told me she knew plenty of women who had delivered breech babies 'normally' when she was younger, but as said above, it's a bit of a lost art, and most doc's won't do it for insurance reasons. Brandy
I find warm/hot water to be the best thing for pain management. Also, it's important to me that I have people around to chat and joke with alot before transition, otherwise I tend to spend that time anticipating the pain, which makes it hurt more. During transition, I can get into my head if I'm not interrupted too much, and just ride the waves. The pain is still there, but somehow it doesn't matter as much. Oh...that pain over there, check that out, lol. Brandy
Hi Cadesmomma, I am planning a home waterbirth. This is my third GD pregnancy, and in the past, I have found that I don't need to monitor sugar intake during labor, I think just because it's so......laborious, lol, that my body uses up the calories very qucikly. My midwife reccomends a drink called Recharge during labor, and I also plan on having roasted nuts, honeysticks, strawberries, cheese sticks and natural graham crackers on hand. Oh, and frozen grapes, which...
I scanned one of the leaves...they're bigger than any sedum I've seen before, but they are fleshy like a sedum. The leaves are almost six inches long. There are pics at my blog, here: http://mylittleredhouse.blogspot.com/ Brandy
I read the article and decided to give it a try, because even at nine months preg, my life would be better just doing everything myself than having to nag, threaten and coerce.
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