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That's not quite it either, lol. I don't have a digital camera, but I do have a scanner. I'm going to try to find some leaves that aren't too torn up and scan them this afternoon. I'll post a link. I hope to find some leaves in decent shape...my dog has been walking on the plants and tearing them up all winter, so I moved them a couple days ago...which is what prompted me to pick up my search for a name. Thanks for helping!
I think observing lent is one of the most important things we do to prepare for Easter. Having a little time of 'fasting' makes the feast all the more festive! We hide the Alleluia...usually at Sunday school. We also observe lent in other ways...with the imposition of ashes on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, special church services for all of lent, esp. holy week etc. We cut back on sweets for lent as well, eat more simple meals, and my husband refrains from smoking (he...
Hi all. I'm also not "getting it" when it comes to GD, particularly with my daughter, who is 5 and a half. When she chooses not to do something I have asked, there is simply *not a thing* I can do to 'fool' her into it. Offering choices doesn't work...she refuses to choose. She is not easily distracted or redirected, and trying to talk out the problem doesn't work either...she totally tunes me out. She often laughs, runs away, hides, throws things at me and so on if I...
The flowers look similar to both, but the leaves are different, much thicker and sort of shiny and waxy looking. Also, the leaves are almost completely round, with no lobes, frills, or toothing. Thanks for the suggestions!
A lady gave me four of these plants last spring, and she couldn't remember what they were called. I've looked around at nurseries and haven't seen anything like it....wondering if any of you might have a good idea. The plant is perennial, and here in zone 8, didn't die back too much in the winter. Leaves are almost round and are thick, glossy and leathery/waxy looking. The leaves are mostly green, with some pink/purple here and there. The plant grows up from some...
We're a Christian family, but we don't homeschool for that reason. We don't use alot of curriculum, but I do try to screen what we use for religious content. I'm just not comfortable entrusting these publishers with accurately interpreting the bible. Some of the Christian curriccula we have seen leans pretty far to the fundamentalist side, and just doesn't fit us very well. Brandy
I've been on a fairly restrictive diet, under the direction of my midwife, because I wanted to avoid having to take insulin shots (I have GD). So, I have been missing out on alot of my favorite foods, and as a total foodie, this is a big deal for me! So, for after the birth, I'm planning to have on hand foods that I've been missing the most. At the top of my list is Rice Dream Moon Pies...you know, the two oatmeal cookies with chocolate rice dream inbetween, dipped in...
So far I seem unable to handle anything I had to prepare myself. I feel like a spoiled brat asking for processed foods (which we normally never eat) and meals at restaurants. Brandywine
I'm hosting a death by chocolate party in a couple weeks and I'm wondering what kind of beverages to serve. I'll have coffee, of course, and milk....I was thinking maybe some kind of wine punch? Guests will be bringing chocolate desserts and I'll put together something too. Any ideas would be helpful.
I don't feel uncomfortable with children communing. My four year old and six year old receive communion, though different families within our church have different guidelines they use. I was just curious if it was at all common for infants to receive communion at the ELCA. Thanks.
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