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Hi guys, I went ahead and peed on my last stick tonight, cause I was feeling goofy, and I got a BFP! Wish I was home with dh instead of a million miles away. We had an early miscarriage last summer, so please still pray for me and don't be rmad that I got pg the first month of trying. I will keep praying for y'all. Hope this is contagious!
Torie, I'm so sorry for your loss and pain. I'll be thinking of you today. Please rest if that's what your body and soul, even if it means postponing classes. Mamaharsh, I have the testing blues too. I feel pg, and it's so dissapointing too see a negative test. Maybe we should form a pact, not to test again until a certain date. Alexis, thanks for the charting advice. I will see if I can find a thermometer in town today, I'm in the middle of Pendleton, OR. I...
I, brandy, do solemnly swear that if I am not currently preg, I will learn to chart and do so faithfully. I ovulated about 16 days ago, going by mucus. My period is way late. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, all from the same box. All were negative, even though I thought I saw a faint line on the last one. I'm a million miles away from dh and won't see him again for four more days. And I'm a big whiner. I'm deciding to stop thinking about myself and start focusing on...
We love the Paul Galdone version, especially for the quaintness of the illustrations. Ilove the stove, and the sardines the cat dreams about. It is my Rosie's favorite story. Not I, said the mouse.
: I got impatient and took another test which LOOKED like it had a faint line, but by 3 mins later (time elapse suggested on package) it was gone. Ore maybe it wasn't ever there to begin with. I really want to know. We just started trying, so it's OK if I'm not, but where in the hell is AF? I have a wedding and a bachelorette party to attend this week and I want to know if I should avoid alcohol, and since I get GD early, if I should avoid the damnable cake (which I...
Hey all, I tried the pregnancy test this morning but got a negative result. I'm a little bummed, but we just started ttc, so the trying is still fun. Thanks for all the support!
Where I come from (Oregon), both jam and jelly go on toast. Jam has bits of fruit still in it and jelly is strained juice that is gelled, usually grape. But I have heard jello (made from gelatin=boiled animal bones and hooves+sugar+fruit flavor) called jelly. I got a test tonight, first response or early response or something like that. I'll pee it tomorrow morn.
:LOL too cute! I love sushi.
I agree, the eggwhitey thing is strange.....it's like it never went away after ovulating, KWIM? Never had that happen before. I think I'll test tomorrow, and if it's negative I'll wait until dh catches up with me if no AF by then. I'm going up a week early for a wedding to help cook and all, he's following next weekend. Thanks for helping me figure this out ladies. Oh, what kind of test is best at checking this early?
I don't chart, because it seems like alot of effort and I'm lazy. This last ovulation was the first since we started 'trying,' so I don't yet feel like putting in that much non-sex effort. I was thinking about testing today of tomorrow because tomorrow night I'll be leaving town w/out dh for six days and I'd like to know before I go. I'm pretty regular, and have been using a fertility calendar and keeping tabs on discharge as my only method of birth control for about...
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