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Hi all, I've checked in here once before and wanted to stop by and ask a question. How soon can I talk a pregancy test? I'm late.........one day .
Yep, he's sexy! Been together ten years and it just gets better! Of course it helps that we're TTC right now, which puts me in that mindframe, but I know other people think he's good looking..he's had co-workers comment He's the only male in his office of about 20 ppl, but he's so ethical, and we're so in love, I've never felt uneasy about the gals there.
At 16 I though I would be a journalist...I still thought that at 18, and my parents, friends and teachers from high school have never forgiven me for deciding against college in favor of making a family. I love my life now, and with homeschooling and more babies to come, I'm no sure I'll ever have a career, which is fine with me.
slice thin and dehydrate pack in brandy peach crumble try in an omelette fruit salad, maybe with berries, figs, plums..... puree, mix with sparkling water or sparkling cider puree, freeze for sorbet pops slice over cottage cheese fruit 'pizza' yogurt sundaes pie (low sugar?) grill in a fish basket over low heat
For our family, it depends on the egg. I usually buy eggs from a small local organic farm, but over the holidays last year I bought a pack of six dozen eggs from Costco and as I was baking away I realized that I was uncomfortable eating the raw dough myself, let alone letting the kids eat it. I ate raw eggs as a kid pretty frequently and never got sick though, and my parents bought conventional eggs. However, I agree that some cookies work better with tofu, as odd as it...
We spend $250 ever two weeks, but that has to cover all the household supplies (tp, tape, laundry soap etc) and pet food for a large dog, five cats, a ferret and two rabbits. Our actual grocery money comes to maybe $75 a week. I rarely use coupons because they are usually for stuff I don't eat...although somone fairied me some great coupons for eden organics the other day We eat meat about once a week, and only eat out on payday-usually fast food. Our one big expense...
I'm so sorry your mom hurt you like that. Have you ever confronted her about these things? I'm not sure if I would or not, but it might be helpful to you both. PS, I too checked out the pic in your sig, and you're beautiful....perhaps what you are reading as embarassment is really envy!
I ff'd dd after 6 wks because I got a very nasty systemic infection from a dirty IUD being inserted (lovely eh?). I had a very high fever and PPD, and was sick in bed for a few weeks. My supply was greatly diminished and my babe started to lose weight. I felt so ill that I was glad when the ped. suggested that dh start ffing so that I could rest and get better. I though...sure, breast is best, but formula will suffice. However, if I had been told that formula could...
Do you get flakes of rust in your tea?
My mom gave me areally cool-looking heavy cast iron tea kettle yesterday. It's rusted on the inside, and while I know how to fix this with a cast-iron skillet, what on earth should I do for a tea kettle? It there any way to use it to heat water without it rusting all the time? Brandy
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