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Sweet! Thanks. I have to check them out! I love buying local!
My DH is due to return from deployment any day and we're ready to start to TTC again. Anyone in the Columbia area have a home birth? Any recommendations for a midwife? Thanks!
Hi, I am a Doula in training. I had my DONA my training with Rae Davies down in Florida. Since I am still in training my services are free. If you are interested in setting up an appointment to meet me please give me a call, 803-847-2140. Morgan
We use one of those stand up laundry hampers for my paper and it's perfect. I can see everything I have it all fits in nicely. For ribbons and tissue paper I have a big box with a lid that I store them in.
I'm so sorry..... I can't imagine how helpless you must have felt. I dread the day my sister has a baby.......
I know this is an old post but YUMMM!!!!
Yep- American seats are not allowed to be used in british cars, period. I am an american living in England with the military and we have a long briefing about this!
How neat! Did it work for you??
We use flip and tumble bags and I love love love them!
Cute! I really like the embrodery idea!
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