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As a solo mama to a 9yo Aspie I live by this mantra: "What other people think of me is none of my business." It's true. I know I'm doing the best that I can, not the best that can be done...the best I can do. Nevermind what people think of you, or single mamas in general, that isn't your concern. Getting through each day with body, mind and soul intact is the only thing you need to worry yourself about. P.S. My son also needs a root canal at the moment. I'm...
I order scented chew tubes (like 5 at a time) and necklaces to hang them on from The Therapy Shoppe. http://www.therapyshoppe.com/therapy...ecklaces-1088/ The necklaces have a saftey latch, and they make it harder for DS to lose his chewy. These things have saved me a ton of money in new shirts. DS used to chew holes through the collar and sleeves of every shirt he owned.
I had an old dog house with a heated mat and an old blanket. I got the heater from the livestock supply store, so it was water and chew proof. Some cats would use it, some wouldn't.
Thank's y'all! I'll look into Schnauzers, and Beagles. We both love the look of dachshunds, but Curly is a serious hardcore wreastling dog and I'm afraid of spinal injuries, which I've heard dachshunds are prone to. A Dachshund mix might be a bit sturdier though.
If she's healed and her stitches are out then the sooner you get her outside the better. Cats general have to get their "common sense" the hard way. If she gets stuck in a tree again just put some food out at the bottom of the tree and leave her be. She'll figure out how to get down.
Seriously have her spayed, or by this time next year you'll have 15 or 20 feral cats living in your yard. I think catch and release is a great thing to do, but spaying is the cornerstone to doing it right. The male cats in the area have allready found her, then it's just a matter of time till this kitten is having kittens AND those kittens are having kittens. It happen faster than you'd imagine. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.
Yep, I 2nd the vineger. Nothing removes cat reek like vinegar.
Hey, DS and I are considering getting a 2nd dog. The dog we have is a 4yo Boston Terrier, who is mostly my dog. DS wants a dog that he can take care of and bond with (he's 9) and Curly (the Boston) would be thrilled to have a playmate. We need a breed that is good with children, can be on it's own about 4-5 hours a day, low coat maintenance, medium to low exercise needs but can still hold it's on with a bossy 20 pound chunk of dog muscle that loves to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenful I find it interesting that no one who is on the OP's "side" really wants to address how violent she was in her response. Maybe she didn't really mean that she wanted someone to spank the old lady's butt, but by saying it she is basically advocating the same thing that she hates...abuse. She might have been "joking" about hurting the woman, but that still doesn't somehow negate the fact that she is saying spanking is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenful If that's directed towards my last comment then I'd really like to know what you mean by that because I seriously don't feel like I was being violent in my responses. Not the poster your quoting, but her comment makes sense to me. Let me start by pointing out that mama whose children you commented on did nothing, and said nothing. You're the metaphorical older lady waiting in the Internet checkout...
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