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I think that's what bothered me as well, the fact that he wanted the kids in their rooms for the whole day for what? For acting like kids ? 
DS started school 3 weeks ago or so and has been acting out ever since. I figured that it's stress related but I would sure love to know how to help him through all this and make it easier for him
With the youngest 2 I never have a problem remembering but with the older 2 i have to say it slowly to mentally give me a second to think. DD birthday is on August 20th and DS is August 19th I always mix those 2 up for some reason
Hi there and welcome from London, On.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bokonon Are you taking B complex? yes I am. Is that what's doing it?
I just pumped and my milk looks neon green . Not sure if it has anything to do with the vitamins I have been taking for the last couple days but I know it usually isn't that color. Any ideas what it could be ? Should I stop my vitamins ?
I've showered with DS since he was about a week old, he is now 12 months old. It works best for both of us.
Hi and welcome! Congrats on your pregnancy
Quote: Originally Posted by chimomma I think I would have looked at her directly with a serious face and told her very firmly "You cannot spit." Then at that point I would probably lift her off the chair and set her down on the floor while saying "no spitting." At which point she would probably start crying and after she calmed down a little bit I would tell her "Spitting is very rude, if you are mad say 'I'm mad.' That is very disrespectful what you did...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthie's momma If your LO isn't trying to climb out, what is the reason for wanting to transition him out? Other than the safety issue (of climbing in and out), there is no need to worry about it yet. I don't have a problem with him sleeping in a crib, it's mainly everybody else telling me that he should be in a big bed by now, that I'm "holding him back" by keeping him in a crib
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