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I also like Evelyn - it's very pretty! EzzysMom has a great idea to wait to meet the little one and then decide
Oh yay! What beautiful babies and mamas! It's so fun to see these while waiting for this one to arrive.
Okay - I've figured something out (the request became closer to a demand and I had to make *something*) so I'm all set now. It's surprising what you can do when under pressure!
Hello everyone - my two year old has requested "shoes" for her little baby doll. I'd like to crochet her a pair of booties, but this doll has really small feet: measuring about 1.25" long (she's a Corolle Tidoo doll) so patterns I've seen are all too big. I think something in the range of 1.5" in length would work, but I've never created my own crochet pattern and am very unsure how to go about this. Does anyone have a pattern for such small doll feet - or - are there...
No word from virgo yet that I've seen - hoping for updates soon! I am feeling SO ready. I'm feeling lots of pressure, lots of tightness & BH, and in general, am uncomfortable and achey. My EDD isn't for another 2 weeks, though, so I may just have to suck it up for a bit longer. I went 10 days early with my DD, but don't think one early delivery equates to an early delivery for this one (what do you all think? please say 'any day now'!).
I just got the "You look like you're about to pop!" comment yesterday. Really not funny. Earlier in the week, a mom who just had a baby a few weeks back told me, "you look great" which was sooooo nice to hear.
Last time I so overpacked and ended up using very little of what I brought. The hospital provided non-slip socks for labor and afterwards, they provided everything the baby needed including little shirts, and for me: heavy flow pads and mesh panties. I was a bit of a wreck afterwards and wasn't up and about at all, so didn't change out of the hospital gowns until the morning I left. Our hospital also has a strict flu season policy of no visitors, so I won't need to worry...
This is so helpful, everyone - thank you! Keep it coming!
Thanks for the ideas so far, ladies! Brunswick does look/sound nice, and did I see that there is an active mdc group, there too? Unfortunately, it does seem a little too far north I think. I will check out Freeport - I know a little about it - only the shopping part of it, but do like that area.
Hi everyone! My husband and I have decided to sell our home in VT and move to Maine sometime early next year. We'd like to be somewhere in southern ME, close to the coast. We're considering Portland, but are also looking for smaller cities/towns that have friendly & walkable town centers, things for little kiddos to do, and aren't too congested. Any favorite towns you'd recommend? Thank you!
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