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Add me to this list, too. It stinks because, like you said, you're just starting to feel better - which is so awesome - and yet, then you think...is *feeling better* a bad sign??? I'm terrified that we won't be able to find/hear the heartbeat at my next appointment - which is on the 12th (Agh! That's like, almost two weeks away...not quite, but still really far if you're freaking out!) I just want to get to the easier, fun part, when you can see and feel the baby moving...
Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear your update. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Sending strength and love your way.
Good good good! What a nerve wracking experience having to wait to get the appointment set up. I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling good and confident and things are moving along - yay!
Boy! Everyone sounds busy and sick! Sending hugs out to all. hotharmony - I am soooo with you. I have an 18 month old demanding attention and book-reading and food It really is something else entirely when you have someone else needing you when all you want to do is go to sleep and/or vomit (although, you really don't want to do that, either). Mostly I'm good. I haven't actually thrown up yet this pregnancy, although I have come close a few times (damn you toothbrush!),...
My daughter is almost 18 months old, so still very young to comprehend any of this. We have told her that mama's going to have a baby several times, but clearly this means nothing to her. The best reaction I've gotten from her was one morning at breakfast, I pointed at my belly and said, "Mama has a baby in her belly" and she peered over the table and down at my belly, looking very interested, and a little like "where is it?". I've heard similar advice to what you...
Krista - another wave of good thoughts coming your way } blue - aw! what a bummer to have to reschedule - and to find out so close to your appointment. Hope you can get in soon. In my little world, I went to my first appointment last Monday, had an u/s and saw the little one - saw & heard the heartbeat. Left feeling pretty good. But the doubts have resurfaced for me since then. I'm now thinking - I don't think s/he moved enough (just the one wiggle) and was that...
I'm so sorry
I'm having the problem of being hungry every hour or so, but then having so many stinkin' aversions that nothing looks or sounds remotely good. Eventually, I'll find something, and start eating, and then my appetite will vanish It's a terrible cycle that I can't pull myself out of -- the same thing happened with my last pregnancy. You are all so fortunate to be craving proteins and eggs and veggies and fruit (all of which are so...ugh...for me right now).
Technically, I'll have two under 2yrs 1mth, but I think I'll still follow this thread closely! We do plan to purchase a second crib because we don't co-sleep and we have a stokke sleepi and DD will sleep in that until she's 7, at least! I have two Moby's, which I love, and hope to use them with the new one. I'll probably skip the double stroller, because they seem so cumbersome.
Sending many positive thoughts your way. I also wouldn't have been able to resist the temptation to u/s myself. What are your next steps? Are you having another u/s done very soon?
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