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We've always done the nurse, put to bed, and mum/dad sits with baby (7/8 months old at least) till they crash. We hold hands. I keep the crib next to the bed. If they get really wound out I take them downstairs again till their tired.
We have the Volvo xc90. We got the smallest engine and the 7 seater. It was the only 7 seater midsized SUV that really had usable pop up seats. We're pretty satisfied. We also have the V70 for when we don't have to haul all our equipment, extra kids around. Their side curtain air bag goes all the way to the rear pop up seats. Not all do iirc. Look for some of the crash test videos available on you tube. Impressive. We have several friends who work for Volvo...
While I would not do all of the things they show on the program, I feel these families are in crisis and need help and that is what the Jo Frost and the other Nannys do. I feel overall, most of the techniques used are good and help a lot. I have some quibbles but, overall I think they *do* help families in crisis. I do not like how sentsational the show is. THat I take issue with.
We just bought a house in Dayspring (between Lunenburg and Bridgewater) and we plan on moving there next year. We just got home from spending eight weeks there. I am originally from Brooklyn (close to Beach Meadows and Liverpool). can't wait to get back!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamajama I think that all you can do is do what you did...try to calm everyone down and get some space. That's all I feel I can do sometimes anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by EviesMom If you have friends/family you can call just to vent, that might help. Otherwise, I think what you did is really all you can do in that situation. You can turn on the TV if it helps, tell them you're letting them...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist most, if not all, of european airlines do not allow carseats... Not in my experience. We have flown Swiss, Lufthansa, BA, SAS, etc all with car seats and no problem... with three kids.
oh lots people bike in Sweden, but I wouldn't say it's a main mode of transport. More like a quick way to get to the train... unless you're in the city. Distances can be a bit too vast to rely only on a bicycle and then there are the winters... Any how, does any have any info on SBS and bicycling? I'd really like to know... I don't want to put my little guy at risk. I would think that having a trailer with good suspention and a baby hammock would prevent any risk?
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist What do people do with babies where the main mode of transportation is bicycling (eg. Sweden)? Bicycles are really not the MAIN mode of transport in Sweden. It would rather cold in the winter... In any case they have baby seats for trailers. See here: http://www.chariot.de/en/chariot/fro...t-day-onwards/ Shaken baby syndrome from a bike trailer? I've nver heard of such a thing. Wow. Can...
Einstein Never Used Flashcards is a fabulous book and has some excellent information about how children learn, it was avery interesting read.
I'd report them to the SPCA for having a vicious and uncontrolled animal. Is there no dangerous dog act? This is an accident waiting to happen. A gun? Hell no. Too many situations would be made WORSE by having the gun. So, I'd read up on whatever laws they have in place for dangerous dogs and I'd have them enforced to the letter, family or not.
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