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Bishop's Score Don't let them push you without a good medical reason. Time is not a good medical reason. You're doing great.
Ahh. I lean forward and lift the belly slightly, then back and lift the belly slightly. It seems to help. My problem is I am 39 weeks and SWEATY from my belly resting on my thighs. UGH. Underpants are an issue too they all dig due to carrying so low.
Seriously. I would love to have this baby this weekend. I am done with the itching and the not being able to sleep. We blew up the birth pool this evening. I feel slightly crampy/contraction-y no real pattern for the moment though. UGH. I want the PUPPPs to go away, I could probably hang on for a while yet if it weren't for the darn PUPPPs. Bring on the full moon!
A properly certified chiro should NOT be jerky with you in pregnancy. More gentle pressure and stretching/massage. I've never had an "activator" used on me. Ever. If you go to http://www.icpa4kids.com/ and serch under "webster" certified chiropractors that should help. Also ask if they are experienced in treating pregnant women. Also if she can avoid pain meds for birth it would be good so she can judge what feels okay for her pelvis. IN any case do not let any...
The above book helped me tremendously. At 39 weeks I have pretty much just some discomfort in my pelvic joint, but nothing like before. I chalk it up to having a good chiro and that book. As far as birth goes, avoid laying on the back at all costs to deliver. When I had this with my daughter, I gave birth on my hands and knees no problem despite the SPD. IMO, ditch the OB.
Oooh. Watch that. That is how my PUPPPs rash started. It really really sucks. I'd recommend starting on Danelion Root and flax. Here's hoping it's not PUPPPs. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
I really think such things are nonsense. If you want to do something with your child or encourage their language skills get a hold of the book Einstein Never Used Flashcards for a really interesting read and encouragement to let them develop naturally. I have a friend who is a linguist and she also agrees that these early learning things for babies are complete rubbish and a waste of money.
You'll be okay! I am pretty small (5'2" and 104lbs when not pregnant) to and tend to grow fairly hefty babies. Size has got nothing to do with it. You're so close to being finished and soon you'll be holding your baby. You can do it. I read that it sounds like you're plug is going the end is near!
I am so sorry.
The IM shot of antibiotics is as effective as running an IV. Many countries, including the one I live in (Switzerland).... don not routinely test for GBS.
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