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Quote: Originally Posted by ABmom - walk up the down stairway? - walk up the slide (if it is safe for them to do so)? - walk barefoot in the grass in the backyard? - pick the flowers in your backyard? etc? What does that say about your parenting? 1. no 2. if no one is coming 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. no idea
we have 3 and we want one more.
I thought they didn't allowed minors
Quote: Originally Posted by averlee Our dental hygenist told us, really one decent brushing a day is enough for kids under 5, for kids under 2, just letting them chew/suck the brush is adequate. . This is right.
Quote: Originally Posted by TinkerBelle I am not fussing at you, but that line of thinking is disgusting. It really is. It's just a saying, it doesnt mean that I think like that.
I try not to judge. I think that just becuase they have other parenting choices, doesn't mean that they are doing it wrong. Or that their parenting is horrible. I make mistakes too, and sometimes I think that I'm not doing a good job with my AP parenting. Just becuase it's right for me, doesn't mean it's going to be right for everyone else. Mainstream is not hurtful for children imo. And I don't have the right to think that way. Mind you, my brother and I were...
Quote: Originally Posted by BaBaBa Good Morning! Please send some sunshine my way. It's been a miserable, cold, rainy summer. I just peeped at the forecast for next week and no sun or warmth ahead. It's really depressing me : and I don't know how to get over it. Weather is like that for me most of the summer. I got used to it. I want to see HP again so badly, I'm going on a date with DH tonight to see it My twin are just having 3 weeks...
Quote: Originally Posted by bababa i like your style lol
Ok I haven't posted on this tribe in a while, as a matter of fact. I think I posted my introduction and that's all lol 1. When and where did you meet your SO? How long have you been together? If you don't have a SO, do you have any good/funny dating stories? We met in Guadalajara in Mexico. At that time I used to attend a boarding school there, I was 17 (days away of turning 18), for being a senior, we were allowed to go out on the afternoons and weekends. I used to...
There's this saying Latino saying, it may be a little bit insulting. But I've notice that to some extent it's true. Unleast with my parents and their relationship with my brother's daughters. Which is none, considering that they live 5 minutes away from eachother. It goes "Children of my daughters my grandchildren, children of my sons, who knows?" My inlaws for that matter, we live in the same city and they see the kids twice a month It was the samething when I was...
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