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Panties fit really well into the plastic easter eggs.  My DD8 still refers back to her "easter panties".  
If you tightly pack the empty boxes and cartons with newspaper and then wrap them with with clear contact paper or packing tape you can get years of use out of them.  I've had even the most careful children accidentally sit on boxes and squish them, not to mention the ones who enjoy stomping them.  This method also allows them to stand up to being rotated in and out.  If you amass a big enough collection they can even make great building blocks. 
I was kind of expecting it to be from The Onion.
Dangerous show to have on at that time of night. DH and I both scavenging around the kitchen for chocolate last night.
Quote: Originally Posted by annablue In my mind he looks like Billy Zane! Holy crap, me to. I think it's because Billy Zane was bald in Zoolander. That's the only reason I can come up with and I keep trying to change the picture in my head and it's not working (I guess it's a thing I can't "unsee"). I keep trying to figure out someone with a middle eastern descent who might fit the bill, but it's just not working.
This may just be my overly cynical side kicking in, but why was the mom in a bind? I was in a situation like this once and the previous provider had told the mom all about it, and told her, and told her, and then ended up telling the mom to find care elsewhere. She wasn't the first provider to do so (I found that out way after the fact) and I probably wasn't the last. It can be a pretty rough cycle. If it was me (and it has been) I would look out for your family...
I'm caring for my own DD7, and then my daycare kids, girls, 4,5,6,6,and 7. There's some boys thrown into the mix, 2,4,5,8 also (not all at the same time) The best thing in the world is 4 or 5 buckets of water. I got these nice flexible rubber ones that are easy to cary. They use the sand toys, empty plastic bottles and containers, coconut shells, cooking utensils, sidewalk chalk, rocks, paint brushes, and whatever they find in yard. We play for 1.5 hours in the...
I nearly bit my tongue off when my very excited 6 year old dd came home with autographs from members of the high school football team and cheerleading squad. I don't want her putting these kids on pedestals even though a lot of the people in our communities do. I'm sure some of them are great kids and students, but that's not why they were at the school. It was after some sort of pep rally. I'm all for school spirit, but ick. I just have visions of her idolizing...
You know what's really been messing with my head? I like to watch Supernatural and the actor who plays Jacob also plays Lucifer in Supernatural. I thought I was on to something, remembering some sort of little subplot that no one else was talking about, but no, it's just another show. They shouldn't be allowed to do that. It's kind of jacked up trying to watch V also. It's like I forget what show I'm watching and try to interconnect the plots. Too much of...
Any commercial where someone licks their teeth. Smiling. While looking in a mirror. Twitch.
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