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No. I agree with you. I'm Really asking if there are studies so I can counter the comment that no studies tie autism to vaccines. Please look at my previous posts if you are unsure. And please send me any helpful links.
I would like to know how best to respond to this I know that studies are directly or indirectly funded by pharma. But is there a more effective way of responding to the statement that no studies gave proven.....? Thanks
A friend of mine(who is pro vaccine ) had their child get 3 vaccine right after she turned one. The next day the child developed a fever of 102 and a nasty croup cough. I dont know which vaccines were given. Has anyone heard of a connection between vaccines and croup?
said  they gave at least 25000   could be a lot more
we have given our 16 month old son a few vaccines. "catching up" is just an awful idea. when we have vaxed it has been one at a time to minimize risk and to watch for reaction. having been born in 73 i am very aware of the # of shots i got and the # recommended for my son. the difference is staggering. are kids healthier now? hardly
Has anyone noticed a reaction to it ? Any advice on giving/not giving this vaccine?
Why would you not give a 14 month old the flu shot ? Thanks
A person I work with asked me if we were going to give a flu shot to our14. Month old. I said " no way ". He said " oh you're one of those. The flu used to kill kids before the vaccine. I know a decent amount but can you give me the simple reasons why the vaccine is not one I should be giving a 14 monnth old. thanks
Our 14 month old son had an inflamed mosquito bite on his foot. It turned into a hard red lump. We freaked out and brought him to the dr who said it was not infected or dangerous. He advised us to use cortison creme and ice on it. W just ice the lump decresed and went away after a week. Yesterday I noticed 2 mosquito bites only son's forehead. Today it blew up to another giant lump. It is large the dr isn't in til tomorrow and don't feel the need yet to call His...
New Posts  All Forums: