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Is there any place to find the autism rates by country. I think the US ranks 1st in # of vaccines? Do we have the highest autism rates?
We are considering giving our 5 month old Prevnar. He was breastfed for 3 months-(Mother got bronchitis-went on antibiotics-major probs restarting-I know the benefits of nursing) Anyway - Our son received HIB at month 3- no other vaxs We are not considering any other vaxs until at least he is one year. Even at the point we are going to be highly selective in the vaxs he gets. So...please help me understand the benefits and risks of prevnar- thanks
The place I work had a doctor come in to give info about swine flu. It was very one sided - vax are all safe etc. . I told her a disagreed I have researched this topic and know a decent amount I made a lot of good points- and stayed calm- while she just lost her composure. She told me people like me are paranoid and ignorant etc. Please help- what is the one question or point I can make to pro-vax people ?
our son has exema- reddish, rough skin along his cheeks and forehead. He is fed by nurshing and similac organic formula. the dr. recommended aloe. any product w. aloe is full of chemicals so we are going to get the plant. any other solutions?
i think we are going to vax for hib-but don't want to do prevnar - does giving hib vaccine make a baby more vulnerable for Pneumococcal?
our 3 month old is not vaxed...i know that dtap is a more reactive vax but is it really not effective?
Our unvaxed 3 month old son is in daycare, gets 30% or so of feedings from nursing.... Doc is ok with us delaying most vaxs (which is why we picked him) How common is HIB? advantges/disadvantages of vax vs. chance of him getting it???
Someone in my son's daycare has cowxsackie virus. --Hand, foot, and mouth disease we know the signs but want to know if anyone knows of the disease---any help would be appreciated - thanks
my 3 month old has an infected hangnail. his thumb is red and there is a little white spot(pus) what to do ???
Our ped. told us not to use sunblock because it would get into our 3 month old son's liver. (we weren't going to use it) Anyway, how can it be safe to inject babies with toxins from vaccines that enter the liver? I ask this because it seems so easy to assume that vaccines(certainly the high number we give in the US) would be unsafe because the toxins get into the liver. What am I missing? Do these ingredients not pass through the liver?
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