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My Dr. said it was fine. I've also read that the amounts of pseudo estrogen are much less than your body makes regularly, so I'd say its okay to eat, especially if you are only doing it here and there.
I'm in your situation, but reversed, so I don't have advice, just a different point of view. This is my first little one, and DH has two kids. I feel like he has some of the same concerns that you have. I do love his kids, but I don't feel the same bond that he has with them, and I don't interact with them the same way that he does, especially DSD who is 7 and very much a daddy's girl. He worries that I will be standoffish with our child, but I've tried to explain to...
So sorry for your loss.
So I'm down to ONE pair of jeans that I can wear normally, so I made my own bella band. I just chopped the waist off a pair of tights and slipped that over the unbuttoned waist of my too tight jeans. I'm sure not as great as a real bella band, but its doing in a pinch. I think I'm going to go look for a cheap pair of maternity jeans today.
yay!!!! I can't wait to join that club! I have to wait another week and a half though.
I've been getting a hot flash in the morning a couple hours before I have to wake up for the past couple weeks. Usually I sleep in long sleeves, but lately, I've been sleeping in a tank top in anticipation of this. I wake up and throw all the covers off, then fall asleep and wake up a bit later FREEZING. It really messes wit my morning. There have also been a couple nights where I wake up all sweaty.
Jules, I'm so glad that you got to hear a heart beat! I can't wait for that!!!! moxielou-Congrats!!!!!!! RedOak- I'm so glad to hear the positiveness about our pregnancies. My boobs started hurting for real last night, not the poke-I-think-I-felt-a-little-bit-of-tenderness feeling that I've been doing for the past week. Haha. Only two weeks until my first appointment. I think I can make it...I've been feeling some form of crappy everyday!!!!
Yeah my first appointment is in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm hoping the time flies! This morning I got my strongest wave a nausea, and my DH actually said "YAY!" lol. I'm making him bonkers too I guess.
My Dr. waits until 8 wks, BUT she'll be out of town at that point, so i"m not going to get to see her until I'm almost 10 wks. I'm glad to read that so many of you will not be seeing someone until that point as well. I was a little worried about it being so late. I wish it were sooner.
I had a miscarriage last July. It was my first pregnancy, and now I'm having a hard time believing that things are going to progress past 8 wks. As long as I feel a tad bit of symptoms, I can usually calm myself down. But when I don't feel anything, or not as bad as I did last time, I start to freak out. I called my dr to set up an appointment, but its not until Feb 8th. I just want to start puking my guts out or something so I know that I'm still pregnant. I'm...
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