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She's an only child.  She only has a few close friends.  I didn't start noticing her behavior til it was too late, I think.  Ever since she turned 3 I noticed her mean behavior start and then escalate slowly, but at first I didn't think anything of it and though it was normal terrible 3s kinda stuff.   Nothing has changed in her life.  No job changes with us parents, no friend changes, not even sleep schedule changes.  Nothing that I can think of that has caused this.  I...
Until the age of 3 she was a wonderful loving and kind kid.  Now she is mean, nasty, angry, and a bully.  She does this to us and to everyone else around her.  She is mean to people she doesn't know and people she knows alike.  She is constantly testing, whiny, and bratty. Examples:  at school she is mean to all of the kids.  She has preconcieved notions about all of them and thinks they're below her.  She tries to be the boss of them and scolds them when they're doing...
every night my ankles and feet swell but thankfully it goes away in the morning... it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.. and january 25th seems so far away
i'm going to be a pregnant catholic schoolgirl.. since in my catholic school when i was a teenager, there were a few of those who lived that costume, so it continues to perpetuate the stereotype and i can still hide my belly and not have to paint it since i think i'll be wearing like a white shirt with a sweatervest over it of some sort.. i really couldn't think of anything else and i think the going as a pumpkin might just be overplayed
We are having a girl! Her name will be Morgan Faye .. all of this is awesome.. baby girl will be born during my favorite season of the year!!
My name is Michelle. Age 31 and due around January 25th, 2010. This will be our first.
Hiya, been lurking a little and finally found out my due date today. I thought I was only 2 months or so but it turns out I'm 12 weeks 1 day or so today! I'm 31 and this will be my first, due around the 25th of January. I'm a network engineer and my husband is a programmer. Whee!~
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