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Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB OP, you were fine. I really don't get the bare feet are gross thing at all. So if you are a person that is grossed out by feet, especially while eating, how do you handle seeing a foot in a flip flop or sandal? What about baby feet? (Hay, maybe being yucked out by feet is why strangers feel the need to tell me to but sock/shoes on my little non-walker.) Baby feet are fine, in fact, I LOVE them. Every...
Other peoples feet gross me out... a bare foot is not something I want to see if I'm eating.
Our hospital uses happy / sad faces for children. But yes, that is a skill all of my children have had by around age three. Most five year olds are doing basic counting and adding, right? I'm shocked that only 50% would be able to choose which number was more. (My two year old knows that 5 is more than 3, and she can only count to five lol).
Are both of your children special needs? I agree with the above poster that they need to be supervised. I know how hard it is with health issues, but you can't expect them to NOT act like young children when they are unsupervised. Every child will destroy a house when they have no one watching and nothing "better" to do. Is there anyone who can help you care for them during the day? At those ages (and especially with their special needs), they NEED supervision.
Quote: Originally Posted by spottiew Maybe I'm odd duck out here, but I think CL is pretty 'first come' around here. Yes, we have also done the drive out only to find that someone eles drove faster. But as someone who has rehomed found kittens on CL... you don't want to lose a good chance, way too many people who promise they will be the one FLAKE, then you lose the other too! Craigslist is always first come for me too. I've lost money on...
Not crazy at all. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I almost named her the name my 4 year old chose (Lucy)
Mine will be 6 on Saturday, and she does.
Unfortunately, this happens to me while I'm driving. I can get from point A to point B and have no memory of the drive.
Hoping for a good update!
2.5 to 3.5
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