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Cayleigh is such a cutie!   I love Ursa's hair and wow did it lighten up.   Etta looks like one of the coolest kids ever.
hey all.   Happy birthday to Greta and to hig!     Mal- I voted for you. the school bus has no seatbelts? That's crazy, my girls school bus (for fieldtrips onlys) has seatbelts, but the little kids always get transported in parents cars.   school- I will be signing Junie up for daycare at the college, she will go part time to start with. I think they do school stuff, I really need to go visit them and see. Maybe today because I need to head to the college...
My 4 girls-Mable Pines of Gravity Falls, Ladybug, Rainbow Fairy and American Dream all in character  
My daughter as Mabel Pines and her best friend as Dipper Pines from the TV show Gravity Falls.  
Rainbow Fairy and little Ladybug  
American Dream and her sidekick Noun the cat will keep you safe.  
contest shared on my facebook
done and done. I have liked strider on facebook. I hope I win, we bought a running bike in our budget and the seat falls off. A good deal isn't always a good deal.
Starling- so sorry about your friend, and E sure does have a lot to process, it's great that you are letting her have the extra closeness she craves.   Sue or Mal (sorry it was on the last page and i can't scroll back and after reading everything else I forget who) is the school picture back in yet? I'd love to see it.   kids up now..I'll be back later
yep, I'm a masterpiece theater fan as well.
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