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Jolly, I'm finishing up right now. Just did my finals and all I have left is to turn in one last paper, so looking forward to a little break before summer classes start. I'm really excited to be taking classes in class instead of online.
mal, that sounds like such a nice school. Sorry you didn't get the house you wanted.    Everr- that description reminds me of my Josie. she is still the sweetest person but her stories can be exhausting. Congrats on the job.
When food has dried on the table or counter and is hard to get off, place a wet washcloth over it. in about 30 minutes the dried food will be moist and easy to clean off. 
pipecleaners work great to clean out the straw part of sippy cups. Use the extra thick fuzzy ones to clean the straw from grown-up water bottles like camelbaks. 
I keep a toothbrush near the kitchen sink, it works perfectly to clean cheese graters, the small intricate bits on kid's sippy cups and the mesh bags from those no choke net teething/ baby safe eater things. 
Each of my kids has their own bottle of vinegar cleaner and while I clean they clean. I assign them each an area to clean. The 4 year old's area always has to be redone, but she feels important helping.
To make cleaning fun for my kids we play I-spy(usually while I'm nursing the baby LOL). I spy an object or something the color of, or a book and they rush to pick it up and put it away. I award a point (but I no longer every write down the points as the smaller kids were getting discouraged and quitting) for whoever finds the object. Sometimes I will spy a group of objects like dirty socks and they will get a point for each of the socks they pick up. The kids have fun...
When I take a shower I wipe down the walls with a wash cloth to keep everything looking nice. 
My husband hates the smell of vinegar so one day i tried putting a lavender branch from our garden in my bottle of vinegar water and it smells like lavender instead of vinegar.
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