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I love reading these! We're actually having an epicly un-crunchy moment right now: Watching Finding Nemo, Ds is eating popcorn from a bag, I'm eating a bowl of ice cream covered in (HFCS laced) chocolate sauce, and I'm nursing DS 2 while on the computer (which I would have never done w/ DS1- I only used it when he was sleeping) 
  Rowan nursing at 2.5 while I labored with his brother Alden who was born a few hours later : ) Now I am happily tandem nursing Rowan 3 and Alden 5 months 
I'm always looking to increase my knowledge of healing herbs : ) Would love to see other families 'go to' remedies for common aliments in children and adults. Any book recommendations would also be greatly appreciated! 
Rowan at the beach in his Fuzzibunz OS  
Rowan exploring in a bummis super brite cover and organic cotton pre fold   
Alden in his Mama made minky/organic cotton AIO   
DS (just turned 3) has been going on the potty for almost 2 months now, which is totally fantastic. We didn't push it at all (as with a lot of things, we wanted to let him figure it out in his own time)- we pretty much just set the potty out, told him what it was for, and waited for him to become interested and feel ready. We are super proud of him- but- here is the down side. I can't get him to wear underwear and when I do, he pees in them like a diaper. I tried just...
DS is almost 2.5 and has recently started throwing his toys/ pushing over our bar stools/ etc... when he is super excited (like one of his favorite people comes over) or when he is feeling agitated/upset about something. We've never done time outs or anything like that because we haven't really had a reason to so far, so this new behavior has me feeling bewildered in terms of how to react. I've been trying to help him name his feelings ("Wow! Rowan is feeling excited...
Hey Mamas, we had our first appointment with our midwife yesterday- I'm 19 weeks. We were seeing a hospital based midwife but decided to switch providers and are now having a homebirth. The hospital based midwife listened to baby's heart at 16 weeks and said it sounded great. Yesterday our new midwife listened and said she heard a definite arrhythmia. Now I'm feeling nervous- all of the literature I read online said it could be (and most likely is) benign, which is...
Hey Mamas : ) Oh my goodness, it's been SO long since I've been on MDC! I have so many new pictures of the progress on our little space that I am going to share my Facebook album public link instead of trying to upload them all here! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.167969886550485.44400.100000124230135&l=e8d0f875b1   There's been even more work done since these were taken, DH teaches at a school that has session in the summer, so they have two short breaks-...
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