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  It's worked for me in the past! I hope you don't have to be induced  Can your regular OB send you to a perinatal specialist for a second opinion on the fluid levels? Ten years ago, when my OB was worried about small for gestational age and IUGR he sent me to a specialist. I got an appointment the next day. The specialist had better imagining equipment and said I was fine. I was able to deliver at home with that pregnancy. DD was 8lbs 4oz at birth so OB had been worried...
This is my 7th baby. All my other babies came several days early. The earliest was 12 days early. My due date according to fertility friend (when I ovulated) was the 18th, according to ultrasound the due date is today (the 20th) and according to LMP it is tomorrow. I'm quite surprised to still be pregnant and not in labor! I guess it's true that every time is different! Being baby number 7 I thought I had this thing figured out.
Welcome Baby Theo!!! Congrats @mamasarah! He made it!!!
@Sukhada Wow that was fast! Congrats!
I haven't tried it and I don't think it makes sense to use it unless you are overdue. It's just my opinion but I don't think your cervix needs any help before 40 weeks If it's not broken, don't try and fix it
Congrats! Welcome to the world baby Sophia!   So sorry your DH's grandpa passed away but it is wonderful that he got to meet his great granddaughter!
I'm not due until the 19th, so I still have a while.
Letter A - I love my daughter, Abbey!
House Keeper!   Would you rather travel to a rural or urban destination?
Never tried it, never even heard of it! Fina'dene
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