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@mamapigeon I hope you are in remission now! or even better completely cancer free. How scary to get that news with two little ones.   Damn DD just peed on the floor! More later.
Hello Ladies! I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing!   Updates on the littles and the new babies please!   Abbey is still co-sleeping with us which should be interesting when baby brother is born in February. We enrolled her in a two day a week preschool which she loves. Holidays were exhausting.
There are no home birth CNMs that accept medicaid in the metro Atlanta area and medicaid does not reimburse. There is a CNM at the practice provided by faeriewomb and there is one here http://www.mamahomebirth.com/about-us
I just realized there are a lot of Rainbow Babies planning to make their appearance at home! So nice to see you all over here !!!   I need to figure out where to put the birth tub. There is no room in my bedroom for it and the family room is a high traffic area depending on the time of day. Also the house is a split level with all the bathrooms upstairs. My bedroom is also upstairs away from the family room. So I am kind of at a loss logistically. What do you all think...
Hi Ladies!   Here's the deal I want to buy my 7 year old DS a hippity hop for Christmas (he has SPD and loves the one at school) and I want to get my 2.5 year old DD a tricycle. The problem is my 13 year old DS (ADHD, PDD-NOS, SLD, SPD, the list goes on and on with his diagnosis) will most likely break them. He has broken so many of his siblings toys because he is too big (5'10", 130lbs) for them but I can't keep him off of them. Suggestions??? Do they make Hop Balls in...
Ah, thanks for clarifying!
Thanks for the reply but this comment seems irrelevant. Her adoptive parents closed the adoption when she was a newborn and it has remained that way. I hardly think as a newborn, toddler or small child that she had any say.
Thanks for the replies. It was suppose to be an open adoption but her parents closed it within days of her birth. We did use an attorney. I am in contact with the adoptive mom's sister (bio daughter's aunt). I don't know if the adoptive parents know about our communication. The aunt sends me emails with pictures and updates. Maybe the best thing to do is just to make sure that the aunt has all my contact info so if bio-DD wants to look for / contact me it won't be hard for...
Christmas Sale on Asics!
Yay! There are a bunch of us! I'm not due until Feb. 19th so I am thinking that I can wait to start getting things together until after the holidays. I should start making a list and a plan though of what all I need to do. My midwife list supplies here http://www.gamidwife.com/supplies-2/
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