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Thanks for the replies. It was suppose to be an open adoption but her parents closed it within days of her birth. We did use an attorney. I am in contact with the adoptive mom's sister (bio daughter's aunt). I don't know if the adoptive parents know about our communication. The aunt sends me emails with pictures and updates. Maybe the best thing to do is just to make sure that the aunt has all my contact info so if bio-DD wants to look for / contact me it won't be hard for...
Christmas Sale on Asics!
Yay! There are a bunch of us! I'm not due until Feb. 19th so I am thinking that I can wait to start getting things together until after the holidays. I should start making a list and a plan though of what all I need to do. My midwife list supplies here http://www.gamidwife.com/supplies-2/
I'm planning a home birth again this time and want to chat about getting ready. Who's with me?
Well it's been almost 4 weeks since my original post and guess what . . . DD doesn't want UGGS anymore! Good thing I didn't buy them! I had suspected it would go that way as it's happened before with other things she's wanted (ended up a big waste of money). Now she wants all new running gear. Since she lettered and made varsity in cross country this year I can justify spending the money on something she both needs, wants, and promotes participation in sports. I dropped a...
I didn't use an agency and I know where she is / how she is doing. I also already have a therapist who specializes in adoption issues and reunification. While I understand everyone is different, I still value the first hand experiences of adoptees above the opinions of others when it comes to meeting and having contact with birth families. I have been reading some blogs written by adoptees too.
I am a birth mom. The daughter I placed turned 15 years old in November. I want to contact her once she is an adult. I would like to get advice from adoptees as to what worked/didn't work regarding contact with birth families. Thanks!
I placed a child for adoption 15 years ago. I am currently pregnant with the 6th child that I will parent. Every pregnancy I think I will be emotionally ok but every time the issues around the adoption placement come back to haunt me. I wanted to reach out and see who else is going through the same thing. I was hoping we could support each.   Is there anybody else?
 I have two coworkers that are like your coworkers. They think natural childbirth is crazy and they both have talked about looking good with hair and make-up in labor and delivery pictures. I look like I got hit by a train in my birth pictures but that's just fine with me!
Hello Ladies!   I am pregnant with baby number 7. I have had three hospital births and three midwife assisted home births. I am on the fence about what to do this time - midwife at home vs unassisted. I also feel like I need to know as much as possible about unassisted given that I am due midwinter and my area is prone to ice storms making travel on the roads impossible. So even if I decided to go with a midwife I could really end up unassisted and I want to be prepared....
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