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Ok, so apparently my son did not have chicken pox last month because he just woke up with spots today. My email is ecrooks15@gmail.com for anyone that is interested.
I have no idea why they were low, nothing else was abnormal. I was able to get them up by taking iron and liquid chlorophyll. Just wanted to add this in case anyone else was looking
My children have it
We have chicken pox in Plymouth, ma.
Thanks Jessica! I agree that the challenges stink, but I was expecting to have to put up more of a fight, so overall I was pleased with my birth experience. I would still probably plan a homebirth if I became pregnant again.
Actually they have an open house the 28th to show off their new renovations. I can't find a specific time though.
I just had a wonderful natural birth at Jordan. It was probably as low intervention you can get as a vbac. They do require 2 IVs (I only ended up with one though because I was dehydrated and they couldn't get it in my other arm. If I wasn't dehydrated I probably would have insisted on none) and continuous monitoring, however I put intermittent in my birth plan and the nurse obliged (although she said she was unsure of the policy beforehand and then never double checked,...
Should I call my insurance to see what they cover if someone doesn't make it to the hospital? I guess I can feel out my midwife. I'm going to Jordan midwifery, but haven't even had my first appt and I'm 13 weeks. I just don't foresee getting any support for birthing on my own. Maybe i'll talk to some homebirth midwives and see what they charge. Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for experiences from anyone who has done UC or knows of anyone who has on the south shore. Did you see a health care provider for prenatal care? What was their reaction to not going to the hospital or not "making it" to the hospital? Thanks!
Hi, I had low platelets at the end of my last pregnancy. Would this be a concern for UC? I'll definitely research how to keep them up this pregnancy, but just wondering if anyone had or heard of a similar problem.
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