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Thanks for the reply. I know that if a medical/car emergency happened now, I could tap the emergency fund for it, but I'm soo paranoid that everything will happen at once. I'm scared of spending $3-5k on a medical emergency, then turning around a losing my job two weeks later, with a significantly smaller emergency fund. It's unlikely that I'll lose my job any time soon unless the economy takes a MAJOR downturn, but still. I guess I'm unsure what a reasonable amount to...
I'm doing a modified version of the Dave Ramsey baby steps (more closely following his predecessor, Crown Financial's Money Map), where I've been building sinking funds, the emergency fund, and paying off debt at the same time. I'm single without kids, have only student loan debt (which should be paid off within a month), 6 month's worth of expenses in my emergency fund, and keep a one month cushion in my checking account. I contribute to my 401k enough to get my...
10% gross to church, and nominal donations throughout the year for special offerings, or given to other charities. I had been tithing to the local church, but relocated and haven't found a new one yet, so I tithe to a church with a large online ministry and watch many of their services that are streamed. 
Pay it off, use $360 for fun, and drop the rest in the bank. 
Re:coinstar. They charge a fee if you want cash. I believe it's 8-9%. They do offer gift cards to certain retailers and don't charge a fee for those. I think the most useful would be Amazon, I'm not sure if they offer giftcards for the retailers they're typically located in (grocery stores).   
Filed on 2/4, it got accepted on 2/5.  My federal FINALLY appeared on the Where's My Refund? tool last night,  I should have it by 2/6.     Already got my state refund, but my refund from MI went to pay the small amt I owed to NC, plus what I paid for Turbo Tax. So state taxes are net 0.    Federal refund will go to buying a Vita mix (yay!). The remainder (about $600) will go towards my last student loan, which should hopefully be paid off in April. 
Not earning interest, but you get to deduct the interest you paid on student loans.    PP who asked, my student loan form came in mid-January, but if you haven't received it, the info should be on your lender's website. 
Here are mine:   Vacation Medical: covers deductibles, co-pays, and any OTC/first aid products Clothing: I rarely shop for clothes, but I like a small account specifically for them so I don't blow my budget one month Car Maintenance: for regular maintenance like oil changes, or more major repairs, though hopefully those are a long way off Gifts Cosmetics/salon   I have a set amount I slow the monthly contributions off at, then a higher amount where I'd...
I keep a $1500 buffer. I have free checking under my student account right now, but that expires in July and to keep free checking I'll need an average daily balance of $1500. It also works out well because that's just a little more than one month's living expenses, so I treat it like a little baby EF that would get used before tapping into the bigger EF if anything happened.    I wouldn't feel comfortable going below $500, my cash flow for the first half of the...
Thanks for the info. I guess I have to toss about half these cans. I was in the habit of crushing them before I realized all the guys walking around football tailgates were being careful not to crush any.   
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