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ok, I just want some advice on what to do. I am going insane!!My 3 year ld son will not play by himself at all! I dont mind playing with him for bit. I do not want to be that mom that will never get down on the floor with my kids. Some days I even play all day with him, otherwise he asks to watch TV and I already feel like it gets turned on too much. Sometimes I tell him that I have stuff to do but can play with him for 15 minutes. Then when it is time for me to do...
thanks alot. I dont think I nursed any less while I was sick, but then again I was in bed all day and exhausted I dont really remember for sure. :) thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. :)
I am also curious since it has only been two days,do I just need to be patient? Now that I have rested and feel nourished again, how long should i expect it to increase back to normal again...again, I am nursing frequently.
i can berily hand express any milk. I think she has had enough wet diapers, just not as full as usual. That maybe makes me feel a bit better. I have some mothers milk tea, I will try that...I just hate the taste of it, but feel like at this point i would do anything. thanks.
My daughter is 4 months old and I just had a night of violent throwing up and was sick for the next day or so. I feel like there is no milk there anymore! I am freaking out a bit and dont know what ese to do. She is frusterated, fussy and pulling on my nipple (hurts real bad), and I dont really feel a let down. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea and eating lots of oatmeal and nursing her as much as possible for stimulation. Will is eventually come back? help!
oh great thanks! Sounds like we had a similar situation. I was planning a homebirth with my first and endured a 40 hour back labor and also did not know it was posterior and it ended in a transfer to the hospital and a c-section.    Where do you get the EPO and how do you apply it?
EPO for stubborn cervix?  Sorry, what does that stand for?...also on spinningbabies they talked about if the baby is posterior and over the pubic bone (like I am carrying this baby so far out in front that it kind of hangs there real low) that it makes it harder to turn. any thoughts? I don't know maybe I am thinking about it too much, but I just want to be educated this time and avoid another c-section from my baby being stuck.
Ok so I still have a few weeks until my due date, but the laste two appointments my baby has been posterior. And I know I should now worry for there is lots of time for it to turn and it could even turn as I am pushing, but I fear going through a long hard back labor again like I did with my first which ended in c-section. Ihave been looking at spinningbabies.com for some advice, but it is a little confusing. Any advice on getting it to turn? encouragement?   Also,...
yes I have a body pillow that I usually put between my legs and then hug up top...I don't know. I am really small and had no hips to begin with, does that make my pain worse? or does everyone have the pain no matter what?
hello everyone! My husband is a chiro and he uses Gonstead as a technique exclusively. You will get a real adjustment going to a Gonstead Doc because they will be moving your bone which needs to happen in order to fix the problem.(unlike many of the other techniques). Using the Gonstead technique it is gentle, quick, and very specific. I would highly suggest going to see a Gonstead doctor if you are going to see a Chiropractor. Check this websit to find a doc near you...
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