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Hey! I'm Katie, live in Northern California. Pregnant with my fourth (continues to sound totally crazy to me). I have a five year old son, four year old daughter and almost two year old daughter. Due August 22nd. This will be our second home birth and I am so so excited to do it again!
honestly, its a great answer! yes, the 2000 would be great, but I really didn't want to believe my midwives were scamming me. I can totally understand and respect that logic.
We had a homebirth with a very reputable midwifery practice in the area. Had a great experience, wonderful and attentive care. We signed a contract to pay $4500, $1000 of which was a deposit. We paid the deposit and the rest in payments throughout the pregnancy but the complete $4500 was paid by the baby's birth date. Our midwives use a billing company to bill the insurance and as I understand they often "overbill" since insurances generally underpay for homebirths. In...
thanks so much!
Wanting to get my almost three year old daughter a cute pixie cut. She is pretty good about me brushing her hair out, but she doesn't keep hair clips in for long and her hair often looks a mess. figure I might as well make it easier for both of us. However, I can't find any good pictures online - wondering if any of you have daughters with very short hair styles and wouldn't mind posting on here?   Thanks in advance!
wow, crawling! not sure I'm ready for that.   Lola is wonderful - her mellow nature has continued thus far, and with a 4 and 2 year old to care for - I am totally enjoying my good natured baby. She is getting on to her hands and knees and rocking, but no crawling yet. I really hope she stays immobile for a bit longer, I'm not totally prepared to start worrying about my son's lego pieces on the floor or having to keep my eye on one more kid at our pre-k...
Would you bring your in-arms babe to an adult only event? My husbands medical class was invited to a wine and food event by Napa area doctors for his classmates and their spouses. The food is being catered by a gourmet taco truck so its not exactly sit down. Obviously I would wear her the whole time, no strollers and she is extremely mellow, pretty go with the flow. 
Lola isn't quite 6 months yet but she is seriously sweet as pie. I can not get enough of her. Loving this age!
second etsy or any of the Haba baby toys (you can buy from amazon). Lola LOVES this Manhattan toy - http://www.amazon.com/Manhattan-Toy-200980-Skwish-Classic/dp/B000GI0S4E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342414959&sr=8-1&keywords=wood+baby+toy
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