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I have never made cabbage rolls, but have been eating lots of cabbage lately. Any good recipes for them. Always looking for a way to get easy food in the freezer. I want to make some single portion meals too. We have lots of food allergies and I am on call for work so I would love to have easy stuff  for dh or a babysitter to warm up when I'm not home. Any ideas? No gluten, dairy,soy, egg or almonds, ugh.
Interesting post, I was actually put on a grain free diet for my pregnancy by my mw. Best thing ever! it radically changed my life. friends and family commented on how I "looked" healthier. However explaining it to most people was a challenge. Everyone would assume that I had GD. My advice would be to emphasize the super great things you do eat instead of trying to explain what you avoid. If you fill out a food diary I am sure that your mw will see what wonderful pregnant...
Always love to see what others spend. We spend about 350 a month, (depends on the monthly budget, sometimes less sometimes more.) for our family of three plus a baby. We eat very little grains and no wheat, mostly protein and veggies. Wish we could afford organic right now, maybe in the future. fun thread.
I love hearing other women's journey to labor support. I have found that word of mouth and facebook have brought me potential clients. I have always volunteered my services despite being told by other doulas not to. Some say that you could be taken advantage of. I have found that almost every woman that I have supported has compensated me financially. I have also heard that many women will suggest a small fee just to cover the cost of childcare. I also took my DONA...
It is common to lose weight when you are close to delivery. I lost two lbs at my last checkup, then had baby the next day!d Of course your care provider will let you know if it is a concern. Just get some rest and take good care of yourself.
hugs. we will be thinking of you!
I am so thankful for a beautiful water birth. Breastfeeding is another story, SORE nipples ahhhh.
4th of July birthday! Pearl Anne Hilger born 2:05 pm July 4th. 7lbs 6oz. 21in.     in love!  
So beautiful! Congrats. take it easy and make sure and ask for lots of help!  
Feeling the same way, Im going to try to get him home on his lunch break today. he he  
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