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My parenting philosophy is tattooed on me!    I have the word "grace" tattooed on my wrist.  To me grace means unconditional love, strength, support, always assuming the best and freedom to be.  I have it as a tattoo because I want to remember to give grace to myself and to everyone around me... including my children.
I hyphenated.  I love my name, and didn't want to give it up.  Besides, it's traditional for female artists to keep their maiden name, and I like that.  So anything i do artistically will have my maiden name on it.   The kids have my partner's name.  Except that I used my maiden name for my son's middle name.
We love our Xbox.  We stream Netflix, my DH loves the ESPN thingy, and we've gotten the Kinect.  The kids love the Kinect, and it's very easy for them to use.  We've got it hooked to a hard drive and our computer, so we watch movies and TV shows through it.   We use it every day for multiple things.    But, like a PP pointed out, it is more gamer oriented.  The reason we got it in the first place was so my DH could play games.
I've been peirced and tattooed while BFing. My place has a list of people they won't serve (drunk, pregnant, etc...) but nothing about BFing. IMO, if the place you go is professional, clean and follows saftey standards, the risk of infecion or disease is minimal, and you'll be fine.
My parents divorced this year, after 33 years of marriage. What AtYourCervices said is absolutely right- "Your behavior in response to this divorce WILL affect the relationship with your parents and any new partners they may have." I've definitely seen this in my family. I've got four sisters, and we've all responded differently- some better than others, IMHO. I also know that it will get better. Right now, my family is in that super awkward, just divorced stage. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering We had the Star Wars theme song at our wedding, so... yeah. (To be fair, it was going to be the First Contact theme but we couldn't edit it to a punchy enough beginning for the recesional. So we're not diehard, exclusive fans. Just fans.) We did too!! We love Star Wars here. The books (adult and kids), the action figures, the video games, the movies, the trivia. It's fun!
Coke, coke, coke, coke coke! I'm in AR!
The converse, definitely! They're very stylish! And the recycled ones, just because that's fun. I love new shoes!!
Arkansas is a good place! It seems that NW Arkansas would meet most of your requirements. I live in Central AR, and I homebirth, homeschool, delay vax- and have never been hassled about anything. Gun control is not an issue; we've got a good climate for gardening, and NW AR has more defined 4 seasons than central AR. We've got our ultra-concervatives, but we've also got our hippies, our liberals and our libertarians. In a lot of places there is a live-and-let-live...
My mom was in her 40's when she had my youngest sister. They're best friends now, and IMO, it's kept her young.
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