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Hi there,    Looking for some unschoolers here in Halifax Nova Scotia. I have two boys 2 and 4.5. We are really just looking to hang out with some like-minded folks. Just moved here from Ontario so would appreciate any tips!   Cheers,   Z  
Thank you for your replies Tiffani and Aislyn. It was a false alarm although and I am not pregnant but thanks for the info re: midwives Aislyn. I am totally OK with not being pregnant right now as it will make our move that much easier. Turned out I was just ovulating! I was sure I was pregnant! In terms of neighborhoods, I think we might just wait to see when we get there but I am leaning more towards HS all the time so area shouldn't matter as much if I don't have to...
Hi there, Does anyone know of any good midwives in Wellington? I am in Canada now but will be moving to Wellington so that dh can go back to school. We have 2 boys 31/2 and 1 year who were both born at home and are not vaxed. We would be looking to have another HB. Any suggestions? We just found out we are pregnant again! We are supposed to be there by March so we would have to be there a bit in advance due to travelling while pregnant. I once contacted Domino midwives...
Hello there, So sorry to hear about your loss. I am a Canadian with two little boys 21/2 and newborn. We are moving to Wellington so that their dad can go to school. I have been reading your blog for inspiration on moving overseas. It is so touching to hear about what your children were wishing for little Esther. Your family sounds lovely. Hope you have a little more peace now that you have given Esther a place to rest. Take good care. warmly, Z
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