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I really liked the book and I think it did change my perspective on parenting.  However, if it's not for you then maybe a different book would help?  
Since you're in Weirton, Steubenville, OH is just across the river and I know there are many families who homeschool there.  I'm not sure if there is a group or not. 
Hello! I'm pretty close to Weirton too (Wheeling).  
Just breastmilk and water mostly. Sometimes we "flavor" her water with juice.
I also had severe pre-e and that was the reason for my c-section (hoping for a vbac next time). I wouldn't think the membrane sweep would really hurt anything but I know for many women if your body isn't ready, it probably won't do anything. Good luck with everything!
I learned to nurse while falling back asleep which helped a lot. Now that dd is almost 2 she is sleeping for most of the night but usually partially wakes long enough to nurse back to sleep.
Hello and welcome! I'm in WV too..not terribly far from you up in Wheeling. I think Morgantown is about 60 miles away. I don't have any experience with dr's or midwives in that area but I have friends who do and I know there are lots of great options. Oh and if you're interested in breastfeeding I know there is a LLL group there.
It really makes me sick too! I had a bad reaction to that vaccine as a baby. Now I understand the new vax doesn't have the same ingredients but I still do not want it!
My dd likes straws that are bigger because they have a faster flow. Since you mentioned that she nurses I wouldn't worry too much. If she gets too thirsty she can nurse more frequently. My dd is 20 months and doesn't always drink a lot of water but does gulp down the breast milk! After all, it is a great thirst quencher
Sounds like he's doing fine. Their growth slows way down after 12 months. My dd is 20 months and maybe 19lbs at the most. As long as he's active and alert and meeting milestones then it sounds like he's doing great!
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