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So sorry to hear that! :-( I can only tell one thing - every midwife carries fluids and pitocin with her to a home birth. I needed pitocin shot at my last birth due to heavy bleeding. I can't speak of any other concerns you have though. Best of luck and congrats!
Me too. I didn't see my profile either. No big deal! :-)
Not so much cravings here but just needing high protein foods like eggs chicken beef salmon beans. Still drinking coffee but can only handle one cup as opposed to my usual 3. :-) My previous pregnancies I was super sick up until about 12 weeks but so far just fighting nausea. Trying to eat frequently and not get too hungry which seems to help. Hopefully stays like this!
I second apple cider vinegar. Make sure it's raw unfiltered one. You can get one at whole foods or any natural food store. My heartburn was terrible last pregnancy and the ACV helped a lot! Hope you feel better.
Hi! Age: 32 Due date: end of November Pregnancy # 5 This will be my 3rd child if all goes well. South Florida Gender: will find out when baby arrives. :-)
Thank you all for great suggestions! After some more research I decided to go with Singapore Math for K and All about reading combined with Explode the code. There is so much out there that it makes making a decision very difficult! The Waldorf inspired curricula sound really cool, but I am just not very crafty person! Lol. My dd does art lessons outside of home. She loves drawing, painting, playdough but she usually does it on her own, meaning no direction from me at all....
Thank you Amy for your input! I think I am going with your recommendations and get the Singapore math activity books - looks like my dd will enjoy them As for reading, have you heard of Alpha -Phonics? Is it something I could combine with Explode the code?
Hello, I am looking for some recommendations on a curriculum for my 4 year old dd. I am trying to structure our days a little more but looking for something that will leave us room for outside activities that we have going on. I should mention thAt my DD is very spirited and still has VERY short attention span. She loves to pretend and play make believe - also loves doing crafts - sing and dance. She is not really into worksheets too much - she quickly loses interest. I...
12 weeks today!!! Started to really feel preggo in the last few days...waistline noticably wider and I think I went 2 sizes up in my bra!!! Feeling good overall and looking forward to feeling the babe move :-)
OK so my morning sickness is subsiding, but now my digestive track totally gave up on me!!! I am not kidding...it takes me all day to digest just breakfast! I never felt like that with my first and am kind of at a loss here ;( Eating easily digestable foods doesn't make any difference. I am bloated and feel like my food is still up my throat all day! lol Oh how uncomfortable ;(   Anyone dealing with the same issue? I know it is common due to increased progesterone,...
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