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That was from my blood draw at 29 weeks I believe.  I'm 32 weeks now.  I'm getting really contradicting information regarding regular numbers.  The midwife at the practice I go to said she'd like my numbers up to 10 and 30 before I deliver.  I'm not even sure what those numbers are exactly and I can't find much as far as references go for that and I'm getting frustrated.  
I got my levels and they are 9.4 and 27.6  
I'm taking the liquid floradix now and it doesn't taste nearly as bad as I remember.  Do you know is it normal for it to change the color of your urine?    I was told there was no way I could gain more than 1 point in a month even if I were taking supplements consistently, so you've given me some hope.    
Midwife ruled out Gestational Diabetes thank goodness.   I'm wondering how quickly can I get my iron up?  Any tips?  I'm really really awful and would like to get it up as soon as possible regardless of home or hospital birth.
I had been planning an unassisted birth but it seems that my iron is very low which increases my risk for hemorrhage, and now it seems I may also have gestational diabetes.   What do you ladies think?   What about delivering at home and going to L&D for postpartum care or should I just accept that safest place for me may be L&D.   Our hospital is very natural childbirth friendly,  I just worry about being pressured into unnecessary interventions with the higher risk...
It was a CNM at a hospital birth.   My cervix was repaired by the on call OB after the midwife repaired my perineum.  At the time my uterus started to prolapse and my cervix was right at the opening of my vagina for months after the birth.  I think it was a mixture of directed pushing (which made me push my baby out too fast), pushing on my back, and moving the lip of cervix that may have caused the tear.  I imagine that stitches with a needle on my cervix would leave...
I am pretty set on having an unassisted birth but I have one thing that is concerning me.  I have scarring on my cervix from a laceration during my first birth (midwife removed a lip of cervix) and I'm concerned about it potentially impeding labor/dilation.    I've heard lots of stories of midwives massaging the scar tissue out of the cervix during labor, does anyone know anything about doing this yourself during labor?   I'm concerned of course that even if I were to be...
And finally my favorite picture of my daughter and her Daddy that is just from last week.  :)   Look at the differences in both of them between the first picture and this one, both of them grew their hair out.   
This is my favorite nursing photo because we are both completely asleep.   My daughter's hair didn't come in until she was three and half, so I think she's about two to two and half here.   
This is two or three years old, but it's my absolute favorite family photo because is truly captures the essence of our family.  My daughter is now nearly four years old and I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with our second.  :)  
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