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I have been thinking about you today. How are you feeling? I think that your concerns about adequate fluid/ cord are very valid and that you are wise to seek some "professional" help with monitoring.  
Hi There!   We just moved back to your area and are looking for friends, too. I have two boys (5 and 2) and another on the way. Feel free to send me a pm, if you want to chat.
Claire Bolon is a wonderful pediatrician. She calm, compassionate and open-minded.   Upper Valley Pediatrics 331 Upper Pln Suite 1 Bradford, VT 05033 (802) 222-4722
I am currently with BBC, and l am looking for a homebirth midwife, instead. I have only had an orientation and an appointment, so I do not have extensive experience. But, my impression is that they are spread too thin.   My first appointment took close to FOUR hours; lots of waiting and then waiting some more. I am healthy and this was a routine first visit that did not even require a pap. I had to call repeatedly to get a referral for the U/S that they wanted me to...
I felt that way with my first pregnancy. It lasted through my first trimester. It is really hard. Have you tried some bubbly mineral water? 
We have used cloth with both of our sons until we moved to the city and into a tiny apartment with no washer and dryer. DS2 was getting rashy from not being able to have cold wash, hot wash, cold rinse. We tried so many combinations and it just was not reasonable anymore. He is just about done with diapers now, anyway! I am thinking about getting a portable washer and hope to be back to prefolds and wooly covers with baby #3. Actually, now that I think about it maybe...
I am sorry to hear of your loss. 
The feeling of uncertainty is terrible, isn't it? It can really prey on your mind when you do not know how/where to set your expectations. I hope that you have a good u/s and are able to find peace.
I am so very sorry. 
Hellooo! Can I join?    We are expecting our third child in early January, 2014! We don't know the sex and plan to stay team green.
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