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Congratulatins, mama! 
Can you get your hands on some calendula salve? This is my favorite for eczema and diaper rash. Or steep some calendula flowers in hot water and put the "tea" in a squirty bottle to use each time you use the bathroom.
Great job. What a sweet big boy!
Wonderful news! 
I used Paragard for a year after DS was born. Then had it removed to TTC a second child. I thought that it was great. An interesting "perk"? Risk of cervical cancer is cut in half! http://www.canada.com/health/IUDs+almost+halve+risk+cervical+cancer+Study/5396020/story.html   We will use FAM and LAM this time. Maybe Paragard again in the future.
I liked the reusables for real men section.
Harper at 2 days old.    Here are a few from last week. Harper's 4 weeks here and Marshall is 3 years.        
Welcome, Lydia! Nice work, Jennifer.
Woohoo! Great job, mama. Welcome Julia!
I like William and Tristan so much. I like your new names, but:   Caeden does sound like those other more popular (-den) names and it is the name of a really high-strung dog that I know, so I have a hard time with that one. Ciaran is nice, but my old friend with that name was always called Karen. He stopped correcting people... Cillian is my favorite of the three. It reminds of George Killian's Irish Red. I think that the spelling may throw people off and he may...
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