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I am going to chime in as the adult child of a parent (and a sibling) with bipolar disorder.   1. Talk about it as a family, regularly. Be sure that your partner is involved. It is very scary and isolating if it become (even unintentionally) a "family secret". No one outside our family had any idea what really happened in our home or how we struggled. 2. Be honest. Depression is a sickness like any other. Validate it. Talking openly about it as such helps to remove...
How wonderful! I am so happy for you and your little (growing) family .
Happy Birthday - Birth Day to  you both !
Quote: Wonderful news, mama!   
Yay, Laura! I am so happy for you and your little family. 
Wow! Wonderful news. Great name , too.   ~Charlotte
Best labor to you, HappyMonkey! Thank you for all of the time and energy that you gave to our DDC's roster. It was wonderful!
Woohoo! You did it! 
Sending love and peaceful thoughts your way. In retrospect, I wish that I had rested more when I started leaking. I hope that you are able to. Much love.
Lovely, lovely bellies, mamas! I am sporting sweet little pouch now. DS1 loves to touch it. He says, "It is so soft and squashy." 
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