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The Y near us does have trainers, but you have to pay for his/her services separately and then schedule your workout time around the trainer's schedule. If you are unfamiliar with the machines and weights and equipment, the Y staff will usually give you something of a guided tour to show you how to use the machines, but it's nothing too in-depth. As for the childcare policies, yes you need to notify them in advance of your intention to use the facilities. Or that's the...
What about 1/2 gallon canning jars? I just bought a case of 6 half-gallon (two quart) wide-mouth canning jars for around $7. I use them for a lot of my NT recipes, kefir, kombucha, etc. Though that Specialty Bottle site is pretty cool.
I hate to tell your dear, sweet hubby, but the point of Bubbels is to win with the fewest points, not the most. Like, my best winning score is 32,320 (or something like that -- I posted it in TAO). I think Trishy just had a winning score in the 20,000 range. However, if that is his first win, HOORAY!!! When I first won, I didn't care what the score was, I was just so freakin' thrilled to win. Now if I could only get somewhere with Bejewelled!!!
I thought of another one, though it's a cookbook and not a website. Grain-free Gourmet: Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living
It's great chopped up and added to soups near the end of the cooking time. It also makes a fantastic, healthy addition to smoothies -- use it raw, blend it up, your kids will never know it's there. You can chop it and freeze it for later use, too. And, as a PP mentioned, it is fabulous when sauteed. Love me some kale!
I hear you about the grain thing, sister! Pastas, tortillas and pita bread have been the hardest for me. www.scdrecipe.com www.pecanbread.com Both of these sites have several grain-free recipes. The recipes are designed around the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which also eliminates some other things you may not want to, but you can substitute and make them work very well. Still can't find a recipe for grain-free pasta, nor one for grain-free pita or tortillas, either,...
Find an Arbonne consultant and become a wholesale buyer. Get a 35% discount on your makeup, and be using botanically and herbally based products. Great deal all around. (Yes, I am an Arbonne consultant. That was meant as a joke. I'm not soliciting the OP to become one of my clients, just FYI.) Shop petsmart.com or some other pet store online and order in bulk, preferrably when they are offering free shipping or have some discount code. Make doggy biscuits --...
My DS calls them "shooters", too. I have issues with him having a gun toy right now, at the age of four, simply because he does not have any concept of the whole life/death, aiming a gun at someone can = death kind of thing. When he is old enough to understand those concepts, he can have a gun toy. In the meantime, he continues to make "shooters" out of sticks and whatnot, and we continue to have the discussion.
All I have to say is, Holy nursing boobies Batman!
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