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I suffer from similar spasms after doing sports. It didn't matter if I id some jogging or workout with exercices and weights. After the training I got muscle spasms in my calves and my forearms. I contacted my physician and I had to order Flexeril online to fight the spasms. It got a little bit better with the medication and I changed my training plan and now I get spasms only once a week or so.
well admitting that something is wrong is the first step towards getting better. feeling like that is not unusual. just reach out your hand and I am sure your family or friends will help you - that's what we here for. don't feel embarrassed. my neighbour denied her postnatal depression for so long until she ruined her marriage and her husband left her. then she finally gave in, got help and saved her marriage. don't worry there is help.
I would let him wear dresses. No problem. I would talk to him about him - probably 2,5 years is a little to young. But I would recommend you to let him be and wear what he feels like. Soon enough his gonna have to find his spot in the society and most of the time those spots are not voluntarily chosen. Let it be! Have a good day!
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