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I understand your frustration, big hugs to you for trying everything. We are currently using a modified behavior chart for my 4.5 yr old girl, who is having accidents for attention. She and her sister are tag-teaming me, which is rough. They pick a few rewards, and have to go a few days without an accident to be able to pick a reward. Their preschool does something similar for consistent good behvior, so I am hoping this will work.
In our state, pre-school starts at 3 years old. Anything younger than that is day care. I don't feel it helps me to judge what other people do with their kids, unless it is dangerous to the child. If a person needs a few hours a week to themselves and the child is thriving, so be it.
Yes and YES!
Quote: Originally Posted by workjw I did not realize that Law and Order had been canceled! I am sorry. NBC canceled L&O, and began a new series, "Law and Order: Los Angeles" which I refuse to watch. The cast is weak, and I'm not into the West Coast version of L&O. SVU will still be on NBC, and the original L&O will be in re-runs on TNT. I almost forgot about "It's Always Sunny..." Dh and I love it! It is demented and very funny.
I read somewhere that she was going to stop at 13. We shall see. I was a bit annoyed with DITF, it almost felt like an addendum to book 9. It was very scattershot, and I think it should have been part of the last book. I have to download A Touch of Dead, I think I would enjoy it.
The Red Tent is fantastic. I loved it. I like Phillipa Gregory. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane was also very good.
The second and third books in the trilogy are very good, although the third suffers from a dry spot just as the first one did. The small amount of violence in the first book was intense, but it is important to the overall story arc, so hang in there. I would NOT put this book on the same plan as Silence of the Lambs, or even a Cornwell novel. I think the story in TGWTDT is much more layered and deeper than the other books. I enjoyed them. I'd compare them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g Me neither. That outfit? HAWTT!!!!! I want one! I would take the workout plan, then try to fit into the outfit! I just love her dialogue, and the actress is spot on!
Rome was fantastic, and Starz just finished a mini-series of "Pillars of the Earth" that was similar to the Tudors, just an earlier period. DH and I enjoyed that very much.
I am waiting for my cable shows to come back...Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and a few others. The cancellation of Law and Order put me off network tv for a while.
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