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Quote: Originally Posted by Alyantavid Are the rest of us doing something wrong that our children have an object of affection besides ourselves? Nope, just talking about *my* kids
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist Thank you for your reply. I get that. But then I wonder, you must have gotten along long enough to make a baby? I guess I wish ultimately that people wouldn't have sexual relationships with each other if they are not prepared to provide a loving stable home for their potential off spring. Do you (in general) believe that people really change that much? Like someone thinks they're getting a certain person, and...
I really can't imagine. How awful.
My children are attached to me - and no, there is no spare! My kids have never directed their need for security to an object.
We only do desserts on special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. Frankly, I don't see how expecting junk food after dinner contributes anything positive to diet or behavior.
As many as we are blessed with. We practice LAM, so I will probably have a child every 3 years or so until I am no longer fertile. I'm 32, and my mother went through menopause at 52, so we shall see. I'm thinking between 5 and 7 more if things go well.
My 6 y/o hasn't asked recently, but if she really needed to I'd absolutely nurse her in public. Not my problem if other people objectify breasts as something other than nourishment and comfort for children.
Absolutely no play weapons in our home. I can't even imagine.
All our kids (6,3 and 7 mos.) sleep in bed with us. I've heard that the natural age of independent sleeping for humans (and most primates) is closer to 9 (or equivalent in animal) years.
I would never be able to live in the same home with another family, no matter how much alike we were.
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